Painter for a Day - Is a 1-Day Painting Service Right for You?

Painter for a day painting the exterior of a Chicagoland commercial building

Have you ever taken on a ‘quick DIY’ project, only to find yourself in a half-finished room with the tape still up and no idea when you can put your furniture back in place? Or have you ever considered hiring a painter, but stopped short because of time and budgetary concerns?

At Painters Inc, we understand that projects need to get done while businesses and homes run smoothly, and we understand how to make the most of an eight-hour day. That’s why we’ve introduced our “Painter for a Day” service.

This is a new alternative project model that doesn’t include a large painting crew, a lot of equipment and materials, and won’t take up large amounts of time and space. We’ve developed the Painters Inc Painter for a Day service to provide homes and businesses with high-quality service and results for a specific period of time, giving you an economical option to a full-scale paint job.


Q: What is the Painters Inc "Painter for a Day" service?

A: Our Painter for a Day service is a streamlined painting project option for any of your interior or exterior home or building needs that can be done within the timeframe of an eight-hour day. Your actual Painter for a Day comes to your home ready to make any small repairs and can paint rooms, ceilings, and whatever else you have in mind. (An added note:  During the COVID-19 pandemic, your Painter for a Day can be a non-face-to-face experience.)

If your office building, warehouse, retail shop, HOA common space, or other commercial building needs a few touchups or small project work, you can utilize our Painters Inc Painter for a Day service for your commercial project. All the tools and supplies to complete the project are included, all you do is supply the paint.

When you sign up for a “Painter for a Day” service, you’ll get a shortened version of a full painting process. Our trained, certified, fully insured, and equipped painters can complete any of your projects, including:

  • Painting a room the same or a new color
  • Revitalizing faded walls
  • Repainting baseboards, doors, and trim
  • Pressure washing your exteriors for a clean new look
  • Refreshing your high traffic areas with new paint
  • Shaking up the aesthetic with accent wall painting

Take advantage of our expert, professional, full-time employees who are ready to take on your project(s) and provide you with the best service in the region. Request our Painter for a Day service for your home or commercial building.


Q: Is "Painter for a Day" a good option for my commercial building or my HOA?

A: You can hire a Painters Inc "Painter for a Day" for your smaller commercial painting project. And, if people are present in your building’s space, we’ll work around them seamlessly. They won’t even know we’re there. We work quickly and efficiently so those in the area will not be disturbed throughout the process. This service is perfect for building or business owners who have smaller projects that need fast and precise attention. Projects are completed within eight hours and can even be scheduled during weekends or after hours to ensure your business can operate as normal.

We bring high-quality materials, equipment, and cleaners to take care of your projects.

At Painters Inc, our years of experience painting for commercial building clients have set us apart. Our painters have met almost every type of painting project with effective methods and solutions. From repairing damaged surfaces to repairs to simple repainting, we have seen it all. If your commercial building or HOA is in need of a few touch-ups or anything our Painter for a Day can do, contact us!


Q: What kinds of commercial projects can be done with "Painter for a Day"?

A: Here are just a few of the types of commercial projects that can be done with "Painter for a Day":

  • Interior painting can be done easily throughout commercial buildings. Painting projects that can be finished include walls, baseboards, accent walls, and trim.
  • Industrial cleaning such as power washing or air blasting and graffiti remediation using our professional-grade equipment.
  • Warehouses, both interior and exterior work.
  • Offices are easily revitalized with just one of our painters seamlessly moving throughout the work area, allowing your business to remain open through the process.
  • Exterior work such as power washing and painting. We can work on entryways and driveways as well as privacy walls and fences.
  • Small Hotels, Motels, Restaurants, and Retail can all have work completed seamlessly with this model. Even with heavy foot traffic, our painter can complete a project in just one day, as determined during your in-person or virtual estimate.

Is your home or building in need of one or more of these projects? Reach out to us about our Painter for a Day service.


Q: Why would someone use the Painter for a Day option, as opposed to going with a more traditional painting project?

A: Our experience with painting for our commercial clients has set this model apart from other approaches. We have seen many projects completed not only in the eight-hour time block but done with professional quality. We also accomplish the projects discreetly so you can keep running your business with little to no distractions. Another aspect that sets us apart is our team of full-time employees. That means when our professional painter arrives you will get a highly skilled individual who will provide an excellent experience for you in your workplace. Clients looking for a quick painting or repair project done right and right on time, thoroughly enjoy this Painter for a Day service.

When your “Painter for a Day” arrives, we quickly go over the safety and security details of your building, along with a listing of your priorities so we complete the most critical tasks on your to-do list. It’s up to you if you’d like your worklist determined during our virtual estimate, or if you’d prefer to show us when our painter arrives. With our “Painter for a Day” service, you really are the project manager giving our painter direction on what you want to be accomplished.

Does your restaurant, hotel, or retail building need a small project done or some paint touch-ups? Contact us about our Painter for a Day service so we can take care of those for you so your business can continue to run with minimal distractions.


Q: How does Painters Inc’s "Painter for a Day" work in my home?

A: For busy homeowners wanting an expert’s touch on their projects, "Painter for a Day" is an excellent choice. We are known for our affordable and friendly services, and we always go above and beyond all expectations. There is no better option for homeowners who cannot feasibly have major disruptions in their home for any length of time. This program also provides a cost-effective way to accomplish projects in your home. We provide the highest quality results and we treat your property as if it were our own.

When our painter arrives at your home, you can expect them to take security and safety measures seriously. They will begin working with cleaning and prepping project areas before moving into the painting of your walls or other parts of your home. Not only are we extremely careful and clean, but we have also doubled our efforts to provide you with an even higher level of confidence during these uncertain times.

At Painters Inc. we are known to offer affordable, quality, and friendly services that exceed expectations. For homeowners who just don’t have the time or don’t feel confident in their own maintenance or painting skills, our "Painter for a Day" service could be exactly what you need. Reach out and let us know what our Painter for a Day service can do for your home!


Q: What are some of the home projects that can be covered with "Painter for a Day?”


  • Individual room indoor painting projects can easily be completed in a day. Painting projects such as accent walls, bedrooms, bathrooms, or kitchens can all be completed. We can also paint baseboards, trim, doors, and touch-ups.
  • Power washing exteriors is easily done in a day and can make your home look new again. Decks and driveways can also be power washed easily.
  • Revitalize your home’s curb appeal with a freshly painted front door, mailbox post, shutters, or other exterior touchup.
  • Repairing damaged woodwork

We save you the hassle of finding the free time to finish your home project, and our painter completes the project correctly, in a short window of time. We provide the professional tools to make your home look its best and ensure quality work. The daily fee includes all the necessary equipment including plastic, primers, repair compounds, and roller covers. All you need to provide is the paint and the direction. Using our “Painter for a Day” service, you may feel like we were never there, however, the results will last for many years to come. 


Painters Inc. “Painter for Day” Service

Our “Painter for A Day” service is an abbreviated painting service where we work on your specified maintenance and painting projects at a flat rate for eight hours. Our professional painter arrives on-site with all the tools and supplies they’ll need, ready to tackle any painting project. We promise no hassles, no hidden fees, and no possibility of a job getting derailed for an untold amount of time.

We charge a flat-rate fee of $480, which includes up to eight hours of work at your home or business. We also provide any materials needed for preparing projects and making any necessary repairs.

We know that at the end of the day you want a quality job done on your project. With our local professional team here in Chicago and the surrounding Chicago suburbs, you can trust that your property’s project will be done on time, exactly the way you want it. When on the job we make sure we provide the highest quality of work in a timeframe that meets your needs.

We take pride in our safety practices, so you can rest assured that our materials used are top-of-the-line and meet all safety standards. Our standards and services are always geared towards being the quickest and smoothest process, saving you time, money, and stress. For every client, we guarantee that you get a clean, precise result, all while we maintain a pleasant, functional workspace throughout the process.


We are known for our customer-centric approach, in which many of our clients trust us with their homes and businesses. When you hire a painter from Painters Inc., you are getting one of the best local professionals in the area. From the inside out, we have you covered with any of your projects you book with us. Contact us today to tell us about your residential or commercial painting project.