Painting and Power Washing Projects That Can Be Done During the Pandemic

Painting and power washing project you can do for your commercial building during the pandemic

Many business and building owners have been working diligently to make improvements and repairs to the interiors and exteriors of their buildings. By taking time now to repair and repaint, your building can be ready for the coming Winter weather and whatever else the future may hold. Because of the uncertainty of the times, it is good for both you and your maintenance contractors to be flexible in planning your upcoming building projects. There are, however, some regular maintenance projects that you can have a contractor do for your building sooner than later in order to be ready for what’s next.

Painting, power washing, and repair projects are a necessary part of the upkeep for commercial buildings, whether it’s an office building, a gym, HOA hallways, or industrial buildings. The ingenuity and creativity used to build these facilities have changed over time, as many owners focus on the use their commercial space as a tool to increase their potential for growth. For inspiration and insight as to how your Chicago building can be cleaned or painted to improve and enhance user experience (customer experience), consider some of the following projects that business owners in the Chicago area have had the Painters Inc team work on and complete during the pandemic.


Industrial Buildings and Equipment

Take advantage of this time to have your diesel tanks and piping repainted. This project protects your pipes and tanks from the elements which can lead to rusting and other deterioration. By using an epoxy coating, your equipment receives optimum protection against abrasion, extreme temperatures, and corrosive fluids. This means that the longevity of these tanks and pipes are extended for years to come. Making these surfaces look their best and blending them into their surroundings is an added benefit of completing this project.


Gym Sports Equipment


If you’re looking for a simple way to refresh your sports gym, consider having the equipment painted, instead of the more expensive alternative of replacing your gym’s equipment. Also, repainting gym equipment can be more convenient for your customers and take less time. Having a contractor repaint your equipment in sections or areas is an option so the whole gym doesn’t have to be closed. Another option is for us to paint your gym equipment while your gym is closed.

Before Illinois’ Reopening Phase 4 (the reopening of gyms in June), this gym in Chicago took advantage of being closed back in May to repaint their equipment. Using both brushes and rollers, this gym got the attention it needed as we cleaned, disinfected, and painted its many surfaces. Our team members Adam, Marcin, and Mark used Sherwin-Williams Sher-Cryl paint with a high-performance acrylic semi-gloss finish to bring this equipment back to life and ready for gym-goers to use.


HOA Interior Hallways


Savvy HOA property and apartment building managers have been working diligently to ensure the safety of their property, especially as more tenants are home more of the time. Updating the interior hallways is one of the many projects that can be done effectively during this time. Usually these areas have a lot of foot traffic, but we are skilled at sectioning off different areas to accommodate your tenants.

We recognize that many people are at home much more, and we’re sensitive to taking care of your tenant’s needs. That said, your tenants are using the space much more and are even more aware of their surroundings, noticing many of the details. That is why now is a great time, if you’re a property manager, to take a look at ways to improve your HOA interior, including repainting your hallways and elevator areas. This HOA property in Deerfield was updated with colors that improved the look and feel of the interior space, making it look cleaner and more modern.


Office Interior Painting


In Bloomingdale, the owners of an office building took advantage of their employees working from home and used our painters to complete an office update. Interior painting included office walls, conference rooms, hallways, and trim.

An update to interior color can boost staff morale and the colors can be chosen strategically to increase productivity. This company also planned a drop ceiling tile replacement project. Updates to these drop ceiling tiles are important for a few reasons. These types of tiles are used to conceal ductwork which can leak and cause some of these tiles to rot and fall. Another concern is faulty wiring to lights in the ceiling causing electrical fires. By inspecting and making necessary updates like these, this company made major steps in their prevention to minimize these risks.


Exterior HOA Painting and Power Washing


Many forward-thinking Chicagoans have used these last few months to make repairs and improvements to their rental properties. Exterior work such as pressure washing, painting balconies and railings, and repairing wood rot have greatly improved the look and use of these buildings. HOA updates to outdoor communal features have been a huge success because many future renters are looking for high-end amenities in their apartment or condo buildings, including updates to pool areas, gyms, and gardens.

Other great projects for an HOA exterior include pressure washing walkways and entrances along with updates to recreational areas. HOA members appreciate these updates to outdoor spaces as it can add to their enjoyment and increase their safety when using these outdoor areas. These routine maintenance updates not only increase curb appeal for these property managers and owners but also follow OSHA standards and requirements to keep buildings safe for tenants.


School Lobbies and Other Areas

Summer is always the perfect time for schools to focus on building repairs and updates, and the pandemic provided extra time this year for projects to be done. The amount of work that can get done in a short amount of time is incredible with empty grounds, drop off areas, and entryways. Outdoor walkways and support beams are being given the attention and updates necessary to keep school exteriors looking beautiful and well maintained.


Some schools have taken it one step further to make improvements to their lobby areas with new flooring and paint. Others have redone hallways and classrooms to prepare for the fall or for next year, whenever schools can safely reopen. These improvements can assist with implementing social distancing and other safety features necessary to keep students, teachers, and everyone attending the schools as safe as possible.


Painter for a Day Projects

If you need a smaller amount of work done on your business, rental property, or home, you can use our Painter For A Day service. When you hire our Painter for A Day, one of our team of professionals will come to your place and get your projects done from start to finish in an eight-hour day. This project model is also ideal for businesses that are seeking a one-man team to work in smaller spaces. From painting to power washing any home project can be tackled effectively with this method. A homeowner recently used our Painter for A Day service to wash, sand, and stain their deck all in one day.



The importance of routine maintenance of your building or property cannot be overstated. The care and maintenance of both the interior and exterior can influence people’s opinion of your business. Not only do appearances matter for your professional reputation, but also, they matter for the structural integrity of your building. Routine maintenance also helps ensure compliance with standards and regulations. That is why so many businesses have prioritized projects for their buildings over the last few months.

Since many businesses are reopening at a relatively slow pace with many taking on shorter hours, now may be the perfect time for your business to update your interior, exterior, or both. If your business is already open with limited hours, try a smaller project or hiring a Painter for a Day. Focus on projects that will fit with your new schedule and not disrupt your customers.

If your business or property hasn’t reopened yet, consider a larger project with a broader scope. Updating your entire interior color scheme, repainting your exterior, or ensuring your ceiling is up to code are projects that will benefit you, your customers, and your employees when you reopen.


Adjustments for the Coronavirus

Painting contractors must uphold and follow stringent guidelines and safety measures at every job site. With the added concern about the health and safety of employees and customers, there are even more steps contractors must follow during this time.

Check with your painting contractor to see what additional measures they have in place. Some things to discuss or consider are the following:

  1. Updated policy for staff members who are not feeling well or have family members that have been sick recently.
  2. Company requirements for staff when it comes to personal protection and hygiene.
  3. Additional sanitation steps are being implemented in cleaning and sanitizing the equipment, as well as the facilities in each building.
  4. Updates to protocols are being monitored and implemented as new and improved standards are being released.

Painting contractors are responsible for maintaining the highest safety standards at all times. These strict safety standards must be carried out, now more than ever, to protect everyone who is near or in your building.


The Painters Inc Promise

At Painters Inc, we take pride in exceeding industry standards. When you book with us, your commercial project is always cared for down to the smallest detail. We stand behind the exceptional work we produce to give you results that look great and last for many years.

With each project we complete, we ensure that we take every precaution necessary to ensure your commercial or residential space is left cleaner than before we arrived. When we put the Painters Inc touch to your project, you can be confident that the work you get is exceptional.


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