Great reasons to paint your warehouse

Eivydas “David” Phillips Eivydas “David” Phillips
Founder/President at Painters Inc.
Reasons to Paint Your Warehouse

The warehouse is an often overlooked, yet incredibly important part of a company’s operations. It’s easy to focus on and put care into the obvious parts of your property that are more visible, but a warehouse can just as easily fall into disrepair if not properly cared for. Painting is a great way to preserve and improve your warehouse.

There are smart reasons why it’s good for your business to repaint your warehouse. First, for anyone who sees your warehouse, whether it’s a visitor, an employee, or anyone else, they’ll notice outward signs of a warehouse that needs to be painted that you can’t easily hide. These signs may indicate a lack of care and may reflect poorly on your business. The most obvious sign that your warehouse should be repainted is the existence of peeling paint. When your paint is peeling, it is not just esthetic, but it could be a sign of something more problematic going on in your walls. If your warehouse’s paint is peeling, it could be a symptom that there is moisture underneath the paint.

When we’re onsite at a warehouse and we see peeling paint, we’ll assess the situation to locate the source if there is any moisture. We find the cause so you can resolve that issue. Then we scrape, sand, and can pressure wash the area before applying a fresh coat of paint, once the water leak or moisture problem is resolved.

In addition to peeling paint, fading paint is another outward sign that your building is not being cared for properly. Since paint is a layer of protection for your walls, if the paint is fading or peeling, then that protection isn’t fully present. Along these lines, it’s important to check for rusting metal and cracking caulk in your warehouse as well. These too can be signs of moisture or other damaging elements showing signs through your paint.

Another reason to repaint your warehouse is that it’s a way to take care of your employees. A fresh, colorful coat of paint is a great way to motivate the staff working in the warehouse. It’s very common for warehouses to have plain, gray paint throughout. Having dull interior warehouse colors doesn’t necessarily create an environment where the workers feel motivated and energized. Colors impact people’s moods, so you may want to make sure your warehouse is making the right impact. There are even specific colors that have been found to increase specific positive moods in employees, possibly enhancing worker productivity.

Additionally, your warehouse is sure to get dinged up by a forklift or other heavy machinery. Repainting can help fix the surface level imperfections that happen from everyday use and make it brand new for your employees, your business, and your potential customers!

Lastly, newly cleaned and repainted walls, floors, and ceilings will make your warehouse look great! From time to time, you may have potential customers who want to see your warehouse and a fresh coat of paint will help make a positive impression.

There are several excellent reasons to paint your warehouse, from simple maintenance, to preservation, to enhancing and improving the work that is done within. Having your warehouse cleaned and painted provides many benefits to your company. Remember to check for peeling or fading paint, and for things like cracking caulk, damage from machinery, and rusting metal to see if it might be a sign you need a fresh coat of paint.

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Eivydas “David” Phillips
Eivydas “David” Phillips
Eivydas “David” Phillips is the founder and president of Painters Inc. He and his team have built a solid reputation as the preferred painting contractor in the Chicago area, capable of handling variety of complex commercial jobs, completing them on time and surpassing expectations. With a customer-centric focus, Painters Inc guarantees reliability on every job, large or small.