Should I Have My Building Painted Now or Should I Wait Until After the Coronavirus Passes?

Painters Inc team painting the exterior of a tall white building.

These are quite unusual times. Some of our clients are moving ahead with maintenance and painting work on their buildings, while others are putting a temporary hold on their building’s upkeep. You may be asking yourself, “Should I have my building(s) painted now or should I wait until after the coronavirus passes?”

The answer for you depends on your budget, what work needs to be done, whether the buildings are occupied or empty, and your motivation for wanting the work to be done in the first place.


Why Have Your Building Painted?

As a building owner or property manager, your motivation in wanting to have your building cleaned and painted (answering the question, “Why Should I Have My Building Painted?”) should be clear, without question. Why should you have your building cleaned and painted?

Building owners and managers must keep their tenants happy, providing them with a clean, well-kept working space, while keeping costs minimized. While that isn’t always easy, it’s essential to focus on tenant attraction and retention as your number one motivation.

Think of it from a prospective tenant’s position. They need new office space and they want the space to reflect the level and success of their business. Whether it’s you, the building owner, who’s looking for new office space, or you, the building owner who is trying to attract new tenants, the bottom line is that the office space for your company (except during these unprecedented times) is a reflection of your business.

“Like it or not, your office sends a message to others about your business. If you choose a building that’s falling apart, that could tell clients that you’re struggling.”

The place you work is a reflection of your business. Since many people are working from home right now, of course, this is not true. But as people go back to work to the office space they had before COVID-19, the question is, will it make them proud to work in that building or will they decide to change their office space to better reflect their business?

As a building owner or manager, you can help your tenants send the right and consistent message about their business. As a building owner or manager, you can choose to maintain your building by having it touched up and painted regularly to keep your tenants happy and wanting to stay in your building.

With a clear understanding of your motivation, your reasons why to have your building cleaned and painted regularly, next you’ll want to consider your budget and what work needs to be done.


What Does Your Building Need and How Much Will It Cost?

You may be completely aware of all the repairs your building needs, such as caulking, patching, attention to wood rot, and repair of wet or moldy spots, among others. Then again, you may not know all that your building needs.

Your professional painting contractor will inspect your building thoroughly to let you know all the repairs you’ll need before the painting can be done. During the estimate process, the estimator will perform a site walk and look over everything that needs to be done for cleanup, repairs, and painting. When that’s completed, you’ll receive a written estimate that shows you all the materials and man-hours needed to complete the work to make your building look and function its best.

A note about estimates during COVID-19:  We offer building owners and building managers the opportunity to have your estimate consultation and site walk done with no face-to-face interaction. Contact us for more information about our Revised Estimate Process to accommodate your needs.


Is Your Building Currently Empty? If No, What are the Hours of Occupancy?

If your building is currently not being used due to the stay-at-home orders, when do you anticipate workers and occupants will be back in the building?

Of course, if your building is empty, we can get your project done more quickly. If your building is currently occupied, we have the equipment and experience to schedule and work around the people and things that are in your building.

Once you’re clear on your motivation for having your building cleaned, repaired, and painted, and you know what needs to be done and the cost to do it, it’s time to go ahead and schedule your virtual, or otherwise modified, estimate to get the work done.

There are many benefits to your current and future tenants, as well as to you in having your building repaired and painted now. Ask us any questions you have about how we’re conducting business during the pandemic. We’ll work with you in any way you need to help you get your building functioning well and looking good for your current and future tenants.