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How to choose the best paint for your interior and exterior (the complete guide)

From interior to exterior paints, few projects are the same, which means there needs to be different paints to handle every type of surface. For example, paint you use for interior jobs have different properties than paint used for exterior work. Of course, there are also the aesthetic preferences that differ between industries, property types and personal style, which is why paint manufacturers dream up every possible color under the sun.

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modern office blue color

How to choose the best wall paint color for your office?

Paint colors influence how we work. The colors that boost productivity in one office might do the opposite in another office. The proper colors can differ from one industry to another. You also have to consider how the tones you use in your workplace influence your customers’ opinion of your brand. The size and shape of your office, plus the amount of natural light it gets, will also influence which colors will work and which ones won’t.

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Four seasons with cherry trees

When is the best time of year for your interior & exterior painting?

Variations in the weather can impact the quality of a paint job, particularly the exterior surfaces. Hot summers and cold winters, dry days and wet days, high humidity and low humidity – they all have an impact on painting projects. At Painters Inc., we know the best and worst time to take on a painting job, but we also have the tools and knowledge to get the best results, regardless of the season.

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