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Commercial Building Painting and Maintenance in Chicagoland

What Chicagoland property managers need to know about commercial painting and maintenance for their buildings

For property managers, the end of the year signals wrapping up maintenance lists and focusing on updates for the new year. Power washing and painting are often at the top of these lists. As a property manager, your knowledge and understanding of commercial painting and maintenance will determine your building’s longevity and success. Your role is key to making the best choices for your building. When it comes to commercial painting, it’s not an option to settle for anything less than the best.

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Maintain your commercial interior painting project so it will last.

How to maintain your commercial interior painting project

If you’ve had the interior of your building painted recently, you’ve taken an important first step towards investing in your office, warehouse, or other commercial property. Now that you’ve had your building painted, it’s important to maintain it once the painting crew has completed their work. If you fail to maintain your new paint job properly, you may need to have the work done again, which, of course, can be costly. Here are a few steps you can take to make sure you protect your commercial interior painting project investment.

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Reasons to Paint Your Warehouse

Great reasons to paint your warehouse

The warehouse is an often overlooked, yet incredibly important part of a company’s operations. It’s easy to focus on and put care into the obvious parts of your property that are more visible, but a warehouse can just as easily fall into disrepair if not properly cared for. Painting is a great way to preserve and improve your warehouse. There are smart reasons why it’s good for your business to repaint your warehouse.

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3 steps for staying on top of Chicago’s property maintenance issues

Maintenance issues will always exist regardless of the property’s age or condition. Here are some tips for staying on top of Chicago’s most prevalent property maintenance issues.

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Project spotlight: Four Lakes Village

Early this summer, we completed Year Two of a four-year project to repaint 33 buildings at Four Lakes Village located in Lisle, IL. When we learned of this project, the buildings had not been painted in over 10 years, but to paint all 33 buildings in one year was simply not financially feasible for the association

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How to plan and budget for property maintenance

Whether you are a property manager or serve on the association’s board, you understand the importance of planning for property maintenance and capital improvements. One of the key elements in this equation is developing a property maintenance budget. In the fall, many homeowners associations plan their budget for the next fiscal year, but how do you properly plan for property maintenance, such as exterior painting.

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Project spotlight: Lake Hinsdale Village

We recently finished the Lake Hinsdale Village Community project located in Willowbrook, IL. The project included painting the two four-story buildings’ wood siding exterior, trim, soffit and doors. During the power washing phase, we discovered that a lot of wood needed to be replaced and got approval from the association for the repairs before we painted.

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Four seasons with cherry trees

When is the best time of year for your interior & exterior painting?

Variations in the weather can impact the quality of a paint job, particularly the exterior surfaces. Hot summers and cold winters, dry days and wet days, high humidity and low humidity – they all have an impact on painting projects. At Painters Inc., we know the best and worst time to take on a painting job, but we also have the tools and knowledge to get the best results, regardless of the season.

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