Industrial cleaning—power washing


Painters Inc are experienced industrial power washers. 

Our Experience

With more than a decade in the business, the Painters Inc. team are experienced power washers. We provide our clients top-rated industrial cleaning services, and are ready to take on even the most challenging of power washing removal projects. We power wash surfaces at high pressure to remove paint, dust and dirt from the interior or exteriors of the building. Our team can even power wash to remove the toughest of finishes or build-up from metal or concrete surfaces. Painters Inc. can paint after power washing.

Our team of professionals have power washed hundreds of industrial and commercial properties. We target and remove heavy stains, grease and grime from factory facilities or steel machinery. 

Our Method

When power washing we first prep our work site by removing or covering the materials that we do not want to get wet in the process. Next, we use our company-owned lifts, and safely blast the space with industrial-grade chemicals to remove residue. 

Power washing is a high pressure water steam used to strip paint, or to clean heavily soiled areas from dust build-up, mildew, mold, oils, grease and grime.

Painters Inc. works with facility engineers to ensure best work practices and maintain a set work schedule.


Our Focus

Safety is a top priority when power washing industrial facilities.
Before beginning a new job all crew members receive proper work site training. Our employees follow OSHA, and are fully prepared with hard hats, steel toe boots, safety glasses, and additional safety gear if using harsh chemicals. We take safe work practices very seriously.

Efficient, reliable, customer focused.
Painters Inc. is Chicagoland's best choice for improving your industrial building's look, while preserving and enhancing the value of your property. Let us make things easy for you, we paint, and you continue to focus on what matters to you -- your business. We guarantee that we'll work to remain on time, on budget and fulfill even the most difficult painting tasks. 


Outstanding cleaning services for Industrial facilities

We're ready to meet with your management team to draw up a proper cleaning schedule that fully meets your requirements and scheduling concerns for the project at hand. The painting experts at Painters Inc. will work seamlessly with your team from inception to completion. Our Range of industrial cleaning services include -- 

  • Proper caution signage
  • Accessibility to company owned scaffolds, scissor lifts, power washers, air blasters
  • We provide full material safety data sheets on all job sites
  • Capable of working with architects and property managers
  • Application of high-durability coatings for hallways and other high-traffic areas
  • Full interior and exterior cleaning
  • Safe practices for chemical handling
    from a fully licensed and insured team
  • Maintain a clean work space
  • Uphold PDCA work standards
  • Festool dustless machines
  • Up to 5 year warranty

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