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Our Painting Process

Quick and smooth painting process by Painters Inc.

Painting projects are about more than just making a commercial property look better – using high-quality paint also protects surfaces. When you partner with Painters Inc., you get a painting contractor that has earned a reputation as a customer-centric organization with highly skilled painters who have an eye for perfection. And while our value is in our top-quality services, we charge a competitive fee that our customers appreciate.

Whether it’s an interior or exterior project, Painters Inc. brings the right tools used by the right painters using the best paint. We’re 100 percent focused on safety and customer satisfaction, so the simplest to the most complex projects are finished with high standards in mind. Large or small, Painters Inc. invests the same level of energy and expertise. Ask around about our services and schedule an inspection of your job site. We stand by our estimates and our workmanship.

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Our comprehensive 10-step commercial painting process

All successful projects begin with a great plan. At Painters Inc., we know that a well-oiled strategy for tackling commercial painting projects is the only way to go, so we’ve developed a 10-step plan that leaves no stone unturned.

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STEP 1: Initial phone conversation

GOAL: To initiate a narrative with our client, learn the basics of the project, what’s expected and to set up a time/date for the first meeting.

The initial contact with a customer is usually via a phone conversation where we get the basic information about what the customer needs and when they need it.

We discuss the size of the project, whether it’s interior, exterior or both and if there are any unique aspects involved. It is at this point that we schedule a meeting so we can drill down on the particulars.

STEP 2: Initial meeting

GOAL: To get a more complete idea of the workspace, including square footage, current condition of surfaces and advance the discussion with the client.

When Painters Inc. professionals arrive on your site, we’ll do a walkthrough of all the areas that are to be painted.

We’ll assess the condition of the surfaces and determine the prep work that needs to be undertaken prior to painting. We’ll take measurements and photographs and continue the discussion with the client to make sure we have an understanding of what is expected.

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STEP 3: The honest estimate

GOAL: To provide the client with an honest estimate, which includes multiple pricing options. Our painting estimate will be all-inclusive, transparent and competitive and won't involve any unexpected fees.

Being completely thorough in step 2 gives us the information we need to make an accurate estimate of how long the project will take to complete and what the project will cost. Our proposal will include information on the materials we’ll use and itemize all the costs involved.

We open the discussion up to the client at this time so they can sound off on various options that can impact the direction of the project. When an agreement is reached, the client can sign a contract at that time and the project can move to the next phase.

STEP 4: Contract signing

GOAL: To come to a final agreement on the project particulars and put it in writing.

The contract will stipulate when the project will begin, the date it will be completed and the total cost. There is no fine print and no surprise fees.

STEP 5: Color consultation

GOAL: To assist in finding the best colors for your property. Our paint color consultants will help a customer choose colors and we will create samples according to the selected colors.

Color is extremely important in commercial projects, as the right combinations say a lot about the company to the customers.

We work with the client to match their aesthetic style with our many years of consulting about colors. We have a complete color deck that we bring to the consultation so the client sees exactly what the colors will look like in their facility.

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STEP 6: Surface and site preparation

GOAL: To inspect all surfaces, determine which type of preparation will get them ready for primer and paint and add protective covering where needed.

Without proper surface preparation, the paint will not hold up. Whether it’s minor repairs, sanding, evening surfaces or just cleaning them, our surface and site preparation leaves no stone unturned.

We’ll also take this time to mask off areas and cover surfaces that could be exposed to spatter.

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Prep work may include the following:

  • Cleaning surfaces
  • Sanding, scraping and power grinding
  • Wet abrasive blasting

Preparation for interior painting

It’s important to prepare interiors for painting, as this can speed up the process and mitigate the risk of damage to surfaces. For example, we remove the blinds from the office windows and take down wall fixtures, such as pictures and artwork. We also move all the furniture to a secure area or cover them with tarps.

To make sure the paint lasts for a long time and looks great, we have to ensure that all the dust from the surfaces is removed. We also remove all paint that is chipped or bubbling and we fill holes and cracks. Windows, switch boxes and doors are covered to reduce the risk of splatter exposure.

Another key prep feature is sanding the surfaces, which is a method we use to ensure the finish of the new paint will look as good as possible.

Preparation for exterior painting

One of the most important parts of prepping the exteriors on a painting project is to ensure that earth is moved, which could include landscaping, so that the paint can be applied below the surface of the ground. Once this is completed, we’ll powerwash the surface to remove all debris including dirt and paint. This ensures the new paint will last a long time.

If powerwashing doesn’t remove all debris, we will use scraping tools to ensure the surface is completely clean. Following the earth moving (trenching) and cleaning, the painting crew will repair damaged surfaces, apply new caulk to cracks, windows and doors and mask off areas that will not be painted to protect them from spatter.

STEP 7: Surface priming

GOAL: To apply the important foundation (primer) that will allow paint to adhere properly and for finishes to look consistent and smooth.

Primer is almost always used to ensure proper adhesion and color balance of the paint that will go on top of it. It also helps to attain a more uniform surface appearance.

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Primer application for interior walls

We will apply primer to all interior surfaces that have previously not been painted. These surfaces include new drywall, bare concrete, bare metal and bare wood. We will also spot prime patches and areas that have been repaired. Primer also assists in covering surfaces that were previously painted with bright tones, allowing more consistent coverage with the new paint.

This important step ensures that your surfaces will look smooth and consistent. Primer is also the perfect foundation for paint, as it allows the paint to fully adhere to drywall and concrete surfaces, which can prolong the life of the paint.

Following the priming step, we will look for imperfections, especially on drywall where we can smooth out surfaces using putty, mud or plaster. And while the primer and paint are excellent for protecting surfaces, we go the extra step to apply caulk to areas where water could leak in, such as around windows and doors.

Primer application for exterior walls

Applying special coatings to the foundation of a building can help prevent moisture from causing damage to the paint. Primer on exterior surfaces will also act as a great foundation where the paint can properly adhere.

STEP 8: Surface painting

GOAL: To uniformly apply coats of paint that will blend perfectly and improve the appearance of the property.

Surface painting is the final step in the process of adding color to your surfaces. Often referred to as the finish coat, most walls and trim will require two coats to get the right look.

Every successful painting project was preceded by plenty of planning. Experienced painters like Painters Inc. know each and every step is important in attaining the desired results. This attention to detail is what our customers have come to expect.

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Interior painting

Interior painting projects require an eye for perfection, which means the right tools for the job are extremely important. The painting process usually requires rollers and brushes which are used in tandem to ensure the walls and ceilings are covered evenly and consistently. Unlike most DIY painters, we know how to blend the paint on the surfaces in a process called “cutting in,” which takes a lot of practice to build up the skills to do it correctly.

Exterior painting

Exterior painting projects require a variety of techniques. For example, to get the right coverage, we’ll start from the top using horizontal and vertical application techniques to get a completely uniform look. A second coat, often referred to as a backroll, will be applied when necessary. Some projects require accent colors that can involve using precision painting techniques that our expert painters can offer.

STEP 9: Surface and site cleanup

GOAL: To spot imperfections and take care of them, and completely clear the site of all refuse related to the project.

Paint can take up to 48 hours to dry, but can occur faster depending on environmental factors like temperature and humidity. Once dry, we can do the final inspection to ensure all surfaces look great. We also take this time to clean up all paint-related refuse involved in the project so your facility looks spotless and clean.

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Interior clean up and inspection

Every phase of an interior project is important, including the clean up and inspection phase. All the hard work and preparation that goes into a project culminate in an inspection to ensure that every aspect of the job was executed properly.

The interior inspection gives us a chance to take care of any imperfections and move on to the cleanup process, which involves removing every bit of masking tape, tarps and refuse related to the painting project. We’ll look for spatter that needs to be removed and ensure all switch boxes and windows are free of tape and coverings.

As a customer-centric contractor, it’s important for us to have the client join us in a final walkthrough so they can see all the details and make sure they are completely satisfied with our workmanship.

Exterior clean up and inspection

The final coat application does not signal the end of an exterior painting project – it’s the inspection and cleanup that completes our work. This involves removing all tarps, masking tape and removing every scrap of debris generated from the project.

With all the refuse out of the way, we can make a thorough inspection of our work, giving us the opportunity to spot imperfections and take care of them before our final walkthrough with the client. We never have a client sign off on our exterior work until they’ve been shown our work and are happy with it. The most common remark is that we have exceeded their expectations.

STEP 10: Project close out

GOAL: To walk the client through the jobsite, point out specific details and ensure they are happy with the work.

Walking our clients through the workspace after we’ve completed the job is always a feel-good moment for us, as it is rewarding to see the smiles on their faces and the satisfaction of a job well done.

Commercial properties

The benefits of choosing our commercial painting services

While there is something to be said about not “judging a book by its cover,” commercial properties certainly do benefit from the attractive aesthetic that fresh paint can offer. Bringing in a quality commercial painting contractor for your exterior projects will bring plenty of curb appeal to your business.

The same quality contractor can also dazzle employees and customers alike with interior painting expertise. Appearances are important, but the paint also provides extra protection to your surfaces.

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Repainting your interior

Looking for a new look or just want to refresh your current appearance? Repainting will have you covered, providing a bright new finish to your interiors that your employees will appreciate. Customers will also have a newfound appreciation for your brand when they see your improved interiors.

At Painters Inc., we work closely with our clients to ensure they’re getting the colors and finishes that give them what they are looking for. Furthermore, we will work around your schedule to ensure the project does not interfere with your business operation.

Repainting your exterior

Looking to attract customers and boost your curb appeal? Bring in Painters Inc. to paint your exteriors and you will gain newfound appreciation from anyone who sees your exteriors.

Whether you’re trying to attract new tenants, customers or just make your employees happier, updating your exterior surfaces with new paint adds a host of benefits that can provide you with an excellent return on investment. Whether you’re changing up your paint color scheme to be more in line with your new branding or just updating your current aesthetic, Painters Inc. will help you.

It’s important that your interior or exterior project involve a quality contractor who is 100 percent dedicated to success. Only work with a contractor that effectively communicates with you, has proof of their skills and offers a competitive price. That’s what you get when you work with Painters Inc., so contact us and let’s talk about your project.

"Great company: expert suggestions; reasonable proposals; wonderful staff; high quality work; and safe, reliable service."

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Work with Painters Inc. for all your commercial painting needs

It doesn’t matter what type of industry you’re in or what type of property you own – when you need an exterior or interior painting project done, you need to work with a contractor with the skills necessary to bring the best results.

Painters Inc. is a commercial painting contractor that has for nearly two decades proven its excellence with every job. We only use the best tools of the trade, the best paint and primer, hire experienced and professional painters and have the skills to tackle any type of project, regardless of the structure type.

Painters Inc. is licensed, bonded, certified and insured. We also offer a workmanship warranty that our customers appreciate. We are proud to offer examples of our work and referrals that can speak to our professionalism, eye for detail and focus on meeting every need of our customers. We are happy to work during the hours that best fit our commercial customers, so when quality and return on investment are important to you, contact us.

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