Gym equipment repaint in Glenview, IL

Three-night gym equipment repainting, requiring a high-degree of attention to small details in a 24-hour fitness center environment.
Object size: 24 fitness machines
Time frame: 3 nights
Cost: $5,000 - $10,000

Fitness machines painting for sport facilities

One of our recent clients was a gym in Glenview. Being a 24-hour fitness center, Painters Inc. had to work around the client’s schedule and show up when our services, which included painting actual gym equipment, would be least disruptive.

We approached the project by doing a lot of pre-planning, which allowed us to keep the jobsite clean and organized. The planning and communication efforts paid off, allowing us to complete the job over three nights, as requested by the client. We used Sherwin Williams DTM paint, which was a perfect match for this equipment.

Not every painting contractor will take a job as specific as this one, which required painstakingly painting many, many pieces of equipment in the fitness center. The client was pleased with our ability to get in and out with little to no disruption to fitness enthusiasts, but they were also impressed with our communication abilities and the overall professionalism of our team of on-site painters.

Gym & fitness center painting contractor in Glenview

Painters Inc. will handle painting jobs that go beyond the usual ceilings and walls in offices; we also have experience with fitness centers.

Not only will we tackle the traditional areas, including ceilings, walls and baseboards, we also handle custom jobs, like gym equipment repainting.

"I was very impressed by the work Painters Inc did in our gym. The job required to paint 24 fitness machines, it was a very detail oriented task. The painters approached the job with great skill and professionalism. They were super clean and organized and left the gym the way it was before they started. I was also very impressed by the management, and fast return of my phone calls and emails. Not only were they professional but eager and happy to do the job that no-one else wanted to do. The machines look great! And I am super happy!"

Ewa Hachaj

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