HOA building painting in Park Ridge, IL

A balcony painting project on a five-story HOA building in Park Ridge with a completion time of six weeks.
Object size: 5-story building
Time frame: 6 weeks
Cost: $100,000 - $120,000

Balconies painting for HOA building

Painters Inc. had previously worked with this Park Ridge HOA on an exterior painting job of 136 units. The property owner was impressed and called us back in to complete a balcony painting project. The five-story building required extensive ladder use a well as a boom lift. Balconies are a challenge to paint, requiring an eye for details, as it is easy to miss sections of the many rails, base rails, balusters and handrails.

With an estimate of six weeks to complete the project, Painters Inc. was able to meet the deadline, despite the fact that we had to fix areas of the balcony where wood had rotted. Utilizing Sherwin Williams Duration Exterior and SW Urethane Alkyd for metal railings, the outcomes looked fantastic and the quality of the paint, as well as how it was applied by our expert crew, ensures that it will last a long time.

HOA painting contractor in Park Ridge, IL

Working on HOA projects can be a demanding task, as project managers have to answer to numerous residents who prefer as little disruption as possible while also expecting exceptional results. These demands must be conveyed to the painting contractor and every detail needs to be discussed in advance. At Painters Inc., we’re excellent communicators and have worked with many project managers at HOAs.

Whether it’s a balcony project, exterior or interior work, Painters Inc. has completed many of these projects with stunning results. Our Park Ridge HOA clients can attest to our attention to detail and the level of professionalism we bring to residential environments.

"Our condominium complex has recentlynused Painters Inc. exclusively and obviously are more than satisfied with their work. We had exterior painting done on 136 units and received no complaints from owners. That says it all. Highly recommend this company."

Peggy Seeley

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