Warehouse painting in Lemont, IL

70,000-square-foot warehouse exterior painting project in Lemont, completed within two weeks. Project involved extensive prep work, including removing the old caulk and replacing it with fresh caulk that will last for years and years.
Object size: 70,000 sq
Time frame: 2 weeks
Cost: $30,000 - $50,000

High quality exterior painting for a warehouse

Warehouses come in all shapes and sizes, utilizing different building materials in their construction. This Lemont warehouse exterior painting project involved a building made up of large blocks, which were caulked at the seams. Caulking has a “shelf life” and it was time to remove and replace the old caulk in this building. Prep work comes in many different forms, and Painters Inc. is capable of handling any type of work required to make a painting project successful.

For this project, which involved a 70,000-square-foot building, we used Sherwin-Williams SuperPaint, which is formulated to withstand harsh environments, including summer and winter extremes. This durable paint is thicker than non-premium brands, which means it covers more area and looks outstanding.

Warehouse exterior painting contractor in Lemont

As a go-to painting contractor for commercial projects, Lemont business owners know they can count on Painters Inc. for all their painting needs, regardless of how minor or extensive the preparation work is. In fact, we’ve worked with many clients in the region that have warehouses that require exterior painting.

Whether it’s cinder block or brick, stucco or wood, large cement block construction or metal, we know how to handle any surface that requires a coat or more of paint.

"I have worked with Painters Inc on a number of projects at my Glencoe home, both inside and out. The quality has been excellent at a fair price. Supervision was top notch, no request was left unanswered and the owner was always accessable. I intent to use them again on new projects."

Stephen R

"Thank you very much for another job well done. The quoting process was honest, fair, and straight forward. The beautiful project was completed on schedule as promised. I especially appreciate the workmanship from all the Painters Inc crew members. I highly recommend Painters Inc to everyone."

Jonathan G

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