Pumping station painting in Morton Grove, IL

Concrete walls and ceiling painting for pumping station project in Morton Grove, completed within one week.
Object size: 1,500 sq. ft.
Time frame: 1 week
Cost: $10,000 - $15,000

Interior painting for pumping station

Interior painting in industrial spaces can be extremely complex, as there are often multiple obstructions that must be worked around. Such was the case with this Morton Grove pumping station, which had interior walls 20-feet high that required new coats of paint. The ceilings, which are lined with pipes, also needed to be painted, adding to the complexity. Painters Inc. has a crew of skilled painters and were able to finish this 1,500-square-foot job within a week.

We used Benjamin Moore paint, one of the most respected manufacturers of paint in the industry, for this project. Specifically, we used Ultra Spec 500, a zero-VOC paint, which is a professional-quality interior coating designed with the company’s proprietary acrylic resin that tints the paint without adding any VOCs.

Industrial painting contractor in Morton Grove

Industrial painting involves a wide variety of structure types, from small and simple to large and complex. There are usually plenty of hazards to be aware of in these spaces, which demands respect from contractors, including painters, carrying out their duties.

Painters Inc. fully educates our crew, ensuring that when they enter the industrial facilities, they know exactly how to expect and keep safety in mind as they expertly apply professional finishes.

"I have worked with Painters Inc on a number of projects at my Glencoe home, both inside and out. The quality has been excellent at a fair price. Supervision was top notch, no request was left unanswered and the owner was always accessable. I intent to use them again on new projects."

Stephen R

"Thank you very much for another job well done. The quoting process was honest, fair, and straight forward. The beautiful project was completed on schedule as promised. I especially appreciate the workmanship from all the Painters Inc crew members. I highly recommend Painters Inc to everyone."

Jonathan G

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