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Silo and Tank Painting

Industrial silo and tank painting in the Chicago area

For top-tier silo and tank painting services in the Chicago area, count on Painters Inc. to cover all your needs. Our experience with companies in many industries where silos and tanks play an integral role has made us the go-to expert in preparing and painting these complex structures.

When you partner with Painters Inc., an industrial painting contractor, you get a skilled team of painters, knowledgeable in all the complexities involved in industrial tank painting and industrial silo painting. We know the importance of properly protected structures like these and how paint plays a big role in adding layers of protection. Our mission is to bring longevity to all the surfaces we paint, which is why we offer comprehensive services that cover our industrial clients, no matter how large or small the project.

Qualified & Experienced

Our professionalism and superior job-planning skills reinforce our ability to complete your projects on time and within budget.

Safe Painting Practices

Safety is always our top priority when working onsite. Our employees follow the PDCA standards, and are OSHA trained.


With an industry leading (up to 5-year) warranty on most projects, get peace of mind and satisfying results.

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Professional painting services for silos and tanks

Industrial exterior painting for silos and tanks is a common need for a variety of different types of companies, including those involved in refining, chemical and pharmaceutical, agricultural and food processing, construction and cement, manufacturing, energy and water treatment. At Painters Inc., we’ve developed expertise in silo painting, as well as industrial tank painting, and we’ve brought that talent to companies throughout the Chicago area.

Factory interior painting

Part of the challenge of painting these structures is knowing which coatings will work best, and that always depends on the kind of use the structures receive. This is why partnering with a trusted painting contractor is so important, as they will take the time to be fully informed before taking action.

When tanks and silos begin to show signs of damage, it’s highly likely that they will require some prep work before coatings are applied. Making repairs and cleaning up surfaces prior to painting ensures proper adhesion, longer life of the paint and prolonged protection of the silo and tank. Painters Inc. understands how important protecting against corrosion is and we have amassed knowledge about the specialty coatings used for this type of work.

Providing expert industrial silo and tank painting services:

  • Thorough inspection and expert assessment

    Making an informed decision about the steps to take moving forward with your painting project is only possible via a thorough inspection by an expert on silos and tanks. At Painters Inc., we look for all the warning signs that paint could be failing, including bubbles and cracks in the paint, and we also look for structural issues, such as corrosion and/or rust, which will require mediation before the painting can begin.
  • Effective industrial cleaning

    A crucial step in any industrial painting process is the initial phase, which is cleaning surfaces so they are prepared for paint. At Painters Inc., we use industrial-grade cleaning applications, including power washing, to relieve surfaces of any substance that will have an impact on the quality of the overall project. Failing to take this step can result in a shorter paint lifespan, corrosion, rust and other issues that will potentially weaken the structure.
  • Comprehensive rust and corrosion control and repair

    When damage to the surface of the tanks and silos has been going on, unknowingly, for quite some time, more drastic measures must be taken, as paint cannot be applied to damaged surfaces. Fortunately, the team at Painters Inc. has the knowledge required to remedy rust and corrosion and get the structure ready for primer and paint. We ensure that all surfaces are in prime condition, ready for a coat of paint that will last for years and years.
  • Premium exterior silo and tank painting

    There is the obvious aesthetic enhancement involved with premium exterior silo and tank painting, but more critical are the protections added when they are newly painted. At Painters Inc., we use specialized coatings that offer exterior protection from corrosion and rust, most often caused by exposure to the elements. We only use high quality paint and apply it with techniques unique to professionals with years of experience painting silos and tanks. Our goal is for the exterior of your structures to look great and last a long time.
  • Comprehensive adjacent structures painting

    While it takes special skills to properly paint tanks and silos, there are many structures attached to and around silos and tanks that also require protective coatings. This includes hoppers, ladders, fencing, doors, walls and many other surface types that deserve just as much attention from our professional team of painters as your tanks and silos.

When you partner with Painters Inc., you get an industrial silo and tank painting contractor devoted to the longevity of your structures. We’re educated in all the safety regulations regarding these projects and we are committed to protect against all the usual suspects that can harm your tanks and silos.

Contact us today and let’s talk about how we can enhance your structures.

Commercial properties

Industrial Painting:

  • Industrial facilities interior painting
  • Industrial facilities exterior painting
  • Factory structures painting
  • Manufacturing buildings painting
  • Structural steel painting
  • Industrial tank & silo painting
  • Industrial piping system painting
  • Industrial equipment painting
  • Difficult access painting

"We have worked with the Painters Inc. for the last 15 years. Some of the projects were as big as up to 1,500,000 ft.² They are always on time, very professional and most important they are reliable."

Anthony Merfeld
Anthony Merfeld

Storage silo coating and painting

Companies that rely on storage silos need them to last a long time, but they also need silos to protect what is stored inside of them. This is why, across so many industries, silo painting is a critical process. With the right storage silo coating and paints applied correctly by a team of professionals, harsh environments become less of a threat.

ai warren oil industrial painting chicago

Chemicals, moisture and ultraviolet light are probably the three biggest threats to the silos, and with the protective barrier between the silo and these threats, there is much less worry about potential corrosion that shortens the life of a structure. Furthermore, with silos that hold food, keeping moisture out is vital, as mold growth can create huge losses.

A silo painting contractor will also carefully inspect surfaces prior to painting, seeking out areas where abrasions are present, as this is a sign that corrosion is imminent. Furthermore, it’s well known in industrial circles that dry bulk chemicals can take a toll on the surfaces of silos, creating abrasions over time that will eventually lead to corrosion. Painters Inc. can help remedy this situation.

One of the biggest assets a silo and tank painting contractor brings to the job is knowledge about the types of coatings and paints for these types of projects. They include zinc-rich primers, ceramic, acrylic, polyurethane and epoxy coatings, among others. Knowing which will work best in specific situations is the specialty of silo painting contractors.

Count on Painters Inc. to properly protect your silos. We will assess the condition of your silos and take appropriate measures to prevent and/or stop damage.

Storage tank coating and painting

Plenty of challenges exist when the project involves storage tank painting, as this is niche work that should only be trusted with industrial tank painting experts. Tanks come in so many sizes and are used for so many different types of substances that industrial tank painters need to be called in to ensure top-quality results that last a long time.In fact, the best results come after careful planning, followed by meticulous execution.

ai warren oil industrial painting chicago

At Painters Inc., our team of industrial tank painters has years of experience with these vessels. We use the latest painting technology and are educated on all the various safety concerns and techniques that keep our team and everyone around them safe. It is this commitment to professionalism that has earned us the status of go-to painters for this type of work. No matter what your storage tanks are used for, as industrial tank painting contractors, we can enhance their condition with our services.

Painting and coating for storage tanks of all types:

  • Bulk storage tank
  • Diesel tanks
  • Oil tanks
  • Water tanks
  • Chemical storage tanks
  • Waste storage tanks

The list goes on and on, so if you’ve got silos in use for a substance/product you don’t see above, we’ve got you covered, because we service a wide spectrum of needs. Protect your infrastructure and your product by partnering with us.

Preferred Chicago area industrial tank and silo painting contractor

Among industrial silo and tank painting contractors, Painters Inc. stands out to organizations in the Chicago area, as we have serviced so many over the last two decades. When tanks and/or silos need attention from professionals, we’re the contractor to call. Ask around and you’ll find that we’re dedicated to customer service, but we are also 100 percent focused on quality results.

Even in industrial environments, disturbances due to construction can negatively impact workflow, but at Painters Inc., we bring professionalism to every job site and create the least amount of disruption possible. We’ll do our work during the hours that are the best fit for our clients. Our crew is punctual, respectful of the job site and committed to timelines, which means we finish jobs as they were estimated, and just as important – we finish the project on budget. Contact us today and let’s schedule a consultation.

Why Choose Painters Inc.?

When on the job
Highest quality work

We conduct every project with a commitment to good workmanship and use only the best products to ensure the highest quality in craftsmanship and customer satisfaction.

Flexible scheduling to meet your requirements

We offer flexibility in scheduling and guarantee completing a job within the proposed timeline to save you stress and money.

Safety comes first

We take our role seriously and strictly adhere to industry safety standards on each and every job. All team members are OSHA safety practice and procedures trained, and all employees attend mandatory weekly safety meetings.

Clean lines & attention to details

From precise finish work to maintaining a clean, respectful work space, our eye is on the details.

Quick & smooth process

Our standards and services are always efficient and safety conscious, and to avoid disruption to your business operations, we’re able to work nights and weekends.

High quality materials

We only use top-of-the-line paint coatings and colors from Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore.

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