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Workmanship Warranty

Limited workmanship warranty for painting services

Our customers trust the ability of Painters Inc. professionals to do the job as advertised, but our services include a limited workmanship warranty, as this is what all quality painting contractors offer their valued clients. In fact, we offer one of the longest and best painter warranties in the industry.

So, what does the painter warranty include? For a period of one, three or five years, it covers labor and materials. That means should there be a problem, we’ll bring in the best quality painting products at no cost to you and have our expert painters do the work, again at no cost to you. We know warranties are important to consumers, which is why we offer a 5-year warranty on interior work, a 3-year warranty on exterior work and wood surfaces, and a 1-year warranty on floor and metal surface work.

5-year interior painter warranty

The best contractors are able to offer longer warranties because their expertise in painting all types of interior surfaces means the quality lasts for a long time. However, because it’s part of every quality contractor’s best practices, we offer a five-year workmanship warranty.

While it is rare, some surfaces can begin to show defects, such as peeling or perhaps even bubbling. Should this occur with any of our clients, our five-year warranty will cover fixing these problems on interior surfaces. This type of extended warranty gives our customers peace of mind and is just another reason for them to trust that we stand by our work. Interior painter warranties like this are only offered by the best in the industry.

3-year exterior painting warranty

On exterior painter projects, we offer a three-year workmanship warranty, which is an industry-leading product that only the best contractors will provide its customers. Should there be a defect related to our workmanship, we’ll cover the cost of the materials and labor.

Exterior surfaces are subjected to far more harsh elements than interior surfaces, which is why using the best paint and utilizing expert techniques is a requirement on all exterior surfaces. And while Painters Inc. rarely encounters workmanship issues, the most common defects are usually moisture issues that present as peeling or blistering. To put our customers minds at ease, our three-year exterior painting warranty provides all the assurances they need to proceed with a project while holding us accountable for our work.

What does Painters Inc. warranty cover?

Warranties shouldn’t be difficult to understand, but they too often are. At Painters Inc., we make our painter warranty periods of 1, 3 and 5 years completely transparent. That means that should peeling or blistering occurs on your surfaces because of our workmanship, we will cover the cost of materials and labor to fix the problem if it occurs within the warranty coverage period.

Our warranty is in lieu of other warranties that are implied or expressed. Furthermore, our responsibility is limited to fixing the problems related to our workmanship and not other issues outside of our control. Painters Inc. is committed to solving all issues related to workmanship, which factors into how we’ve built a reputation as a customer-centric company willing to go the extra mile.

Interior and exterior painting warranty limitations

While Painters Inc. is committed to fixing all workmanship problems, our warranty does have limitations. For example, Painters Inc. can’t be responsible for what previous painters have done. Any surface that has been marred because of an accident is also not our responsibility. Furthermore, surfaces subjected to excess moisture and other harsh conditions or chemicals can fail regardless of how durable the paint is and is also not covered in our warranty.

Painters Inc. will repair small cracks in our preparation before painting, but any cracks that occur on surfaces following our work are not covered in the warranty. Also, surfaces that are allowed to incur a buildup of dirt or any type of grime that affects the paint are also not covered in the warranty.

And while Painters Inc. does plenty of prep work to ensure surfaces are ready for paint, improper drainage that allows for the buildup of rust and improper facility designs that impact the quality of the paint will not be covered by our warranty.

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Our reputation at Painters Inc. would not be what it is today if we allowed our crews to do bad work or if we failed to fix our mistakes. We’re 100 percent accountable for what we do, so when an issue covered in our warranty occurs, we do everything in our power to fix the problem, fast.

Fortunately, our customers very rarely have to use their warranties. This is because we use the best painting products, such as the durable and fantastic-looking paints from Benjamin Moore and Sherwin-Williams. We also only employ painters with years of experience and know all the proper painting techniques, as well as surface preparation work that is important to every project.

With almost 20 years of serving the Chicago area, our position as the go-to painting contractor is well established, as are our guarantees, which are easy to understand and serve as a written agreement to our accountability and commitment to excellence.

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