How to choose the best painting contractor in Chicago

Eivydas “David” Phillips Eivydas “David” Phillips
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Choosing a painting contractor seems like a daunting task given the sheer number of them in the Chicago area. With a little research and knowing what to look for, the process becomes much less arduous.

At Painters Inc., we understand the benefits our clients get when they hire a professional painting contractor. We have been in the industry for a long time, so we’ve compiled information about what to look for in a quality contractor, the questions you need to ask before hiring one, and the importance of checking for qualifications, such as being licensed and insured.

The following is a comprehensive guide aimed at helping you bring the right crew of professional painters in to make your painting project a resounding success.

Top reasons why you should hire a professional painter

If you are considering taking on your painting project with a DIY approach, you’re like many business owners who are trying to be fiscally responsible and save money. However, the quality of the outcomes might cost you in the long run.

For example:

Let’s say you pay for all the painting supplies and spend many hours on the project, but because you aren’t a professional, you might make errors here and there and you finish realizing it just doesn’t look right. You’ll either have to do it over again or pay someone to come and redo it for you.

Here are some benefits of hiring professional painters:

  • Professional service quality

    Dipping a brush in paint and applying it to your surfaces might sound easy, but when that brush is in the hand of a professional, the results are stunningly different from what you see when it’s in the hand of a novice.

  • Product knowledge

    Rather than spend hours researching what products will work and risk going through a costly period of trial and error, bring in a professional painter who has worked with just about every imaginable product and will find the perfect products for your facility.

  • Years of know-how

    With years of experience under their belts, professional painters take on a seemingly complex project and overcome challenges quite easily. They’ve run into just about every possible “snag” and know how to deal with it.

  • Minimize disrupting operations

    If your painting project has to take place during work hours, professional painters know how to conduct themselves so as not to disrupt the workplace. They are tactful and mindful of their surroundings.

  • No worries

    Rather than stress out about your timeline, supplies, safety and outcomes, when you choose a professional to take on your painting project, all the worry goes out the window.

  • Save time

    Why waste all that time researching paint colors, painting supplies and painting techniques? You’re also bound to run into a problem here or there that is going to make the project drag on, all the while creating a mess in your workplace. Save time by hiring a professional.

  • On investment

    Yes, there is an initial investment on hiring a painting contractor, but when you consider the quality of the job compared to a DIY approach, there is no comparison. The end results prove the value of investing in a contractor.

  • Detailed information about the complete painting process

    A quality painting contractor is an excellent communicator. They will walk you through each phase of the project, detailing exactly what they are going to do. They'll also make sure you’re happy with the direction of the project as it progresses.

  • The right tools and equipment

    It’s trite but it’s true: you must use the right tools for the job. Painting contractors work with new and improved tools that are a custom fit for each job they take on. After years of experience they’ll know exactly what to bring to your place of business.

  • Clean-up

    From laying down protective coverings to just having the know-how for keeping a workspace clean, professional painters bring an efficiency to the jobsite that translates to cleanliness.

  • Expedited results

    Not only do professional painters have an eye for perfection, they are also extremely efficient and can complete a job with blazing speed compared to the novice. You create the deadline and they’ll match it.

  • Extra services and accreditations

    Sometimes you’ll have areas that need to be repaired or cleaned before they can be painted, which is something a professional can do for you. They’ve got power washers and the know-how for tackling many, many things outside of the actual painting.

At Painters Inc., we applaud those who wish to tackle their painting jobs, but when you want the finest results without all the stress, bring us in to do the job for you. We can guarantee outcomes that will exceed your expectations.

Tips for choosing the right painting contractor

The first thing that comes to mind when you think of a painting contractor is probably their skills with the brush, deftly making their way up ladders and handling the manual labor that can be too much for the average DIYer. Behind all those skills are other qualifications that your contractor must have.

To find the contractor that will meet your needs, consider the following:


Painters, like other tradespeople, must have qualifications to work at your property. Ask to see their authentic trade certificate. This way, you’ll know you’re working with a licensed professional.

Legal licensing

Only work with a licensed professional that is insured and can provide proof of both. Failure to meet this requirement should instantly disqualify them from your list of finalists.

Preparation work

Every successful painting project begins with a great amount of preparation work, which often includes patching holes and cleaning surfaces, laying down protecting sheeting and removing obstacles.

Industry experience

When you hire a contractor with industry experience, you’re less likely to run into budget overruns, missed deadlines, safety issues and many other challenges that can turn your painting project into a nightmare.

Local knowledge & understanding

Hiring a local contractor has a number of benefits, not the least of which is that they are familiar with the architecture in the area, can better schedule around weather (exterior work) and have a sense of community that outsiders lack.

Quality of materials and paints

Industry knowledge of the latest/greatest materials, quality paints and other supplies is one of the things you’re paying for when you hire a professional painting crew. Not only do they possess the right techniques, they’re using the right tools.


Your painting contractor shouldn’t come to you like an “as-is” used car – they should offer a guarantee that their work will sufficiently meet your standards. A contractor without a guarantee is a deal breaker.

Costs and time-frames

If you’ve got deadlines, your contractor should work around your schedule to meet them. Furthermore, they should stand by their initial cost estimate. Be sure to ask about any “hidden” fees, because you don’t want any unexpected surprises when the final bill arrives.

Reviews and references

Every painting contractor you are considering for your project should have a lengthy list of references that serve as qualifiers. It’s through these previous customers that you can get a sense of quality the contractor is able to achieve.

We are extremely pleased with the work that was completed by Painter's Inc. The crew was prompt, professional and eager to please. The results speak for themselves (see attached before and after pictures) what a transformation from an an outdated ugly green brick to a clean updated modern look. Thanks again.

John Costello
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At Painters Inc., we’re committed to being transparent and communicative about every aspect of our process. From the initial inspection/estimate process to the final cleanup and walkthrough, our approach to providing professional painting services has made us a go-to contractor for the Chicago area.

The traits of a top-quality interior painting contractor

The best contractors, regardless of the services they provide, have some commonalities. First and foremost, they’re excellent communicators. This is important when you have an interior painting project, because it will likely impact your employees and perhaps even your customers.

Communication is the key to making sure the project is planned in such a way that there is as little disruption as possible.

Attention to detail is another shared trait of top-quality contractors. At Painters Inc., our reputation hinges on every new job, which means we’re always looking at the most minute ways in which our interior projects can look better, which explains why we consistently exceed our customers’ expectations.

When you hire smart, you’re going to get a crew of professionals that will liven up your interiors, providing a more enjoyable atmosphere for your employees and customers alike.

At Painters Inc., it’s our pleasure to help you with your interior painting needs. Contact us and let’s discuss our methods and how they will get you where you need to be — on time and on budget.

Top-notch exterior painting contractors: Things to consider before hiring

The exterior of your business can sometimes be the source of consumers’ first impression about your company culture. You could offer some of the best services or sell the best products in your industry, but if your exterior looks shoddy, some consumers won’t give you a chance. That’s why you need a professional painting crew to handle all of your exterior needs.

After years in the harsh elements, areas of your exterior might need extra attention before primer and paint can be applied. Make sure you’re hiring a painting contractor that has all the necessary skills to patch holes, pressure wash mildewed, grimy or stained areas of your exterior.

At Painters Inc., we go above and beyond what most painting contractors can do with your exterior. Rather than hire a second contractor to manage all the things that need to occur before the painting, bring in Painters Inc.

Where to find the best commercial painter nearby Chicago

Fortunately, there are better methods of finding a quality commercial painter in Chicago than going through the Yellow Pages. You can narrow down your list of contractors by doing a great amount of research online, or you can just ask around about what others have experienced. The following are some of the best methods for landing your perfect contractor:

  • Search engines (Google/Bing/Yahoo!)

    Each search engine will have its own search algorithm, so use all of them as you perform your search for a “painting contractor Chicago for commercial properties” and you’ll get plenty of different options. Try a variety of keywords in your search to get the most thorough results.

  • Review websites

    Just because the painting contractor has a clunky website doesn’t mean they can’t paint, but the best contractors in the industry today are careful about their outward appearance and will put in the effort to have their website look awesome. They should also have a page dedicated to reviews from previous customers, which serve as excellent material for helping you make your choice.

  • Word-of-mouth referrals

    By all means, ask around about what other business owners in your area have done to find the best contractor. Talk with them about their experiences with the last painting contractor they worked with. Did they communicate well? Did they do the job as advertised? Were they disruptive in the workplace or quiet and respectful? Did they leave the work area clean or cluttered?

The last thing you want to have happen is pay for a job that doesn’t dazzle you afterward. You don’t want to worry that your contractor is going to make a mess of your business and bother your employees and customers. At Painters Inc., we’ve built a reputation as one of the most trusted painting contractors for commercial properties, so contact us and let's talk about your project.

10 questions to ask a potential painting contractor before hiring one

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You might get a good idea regarding the quality of a painting contractor by looking at their website, reading Google reviews and doing some online research, but if you don’t ask the contractor questions directly, you’re not going to have the information you need to make an informed decision. Consider the following questions before you bring a contractor on board for your painting project.

  • Are you properly insured, licensed and bonded?

    If you find a contractor that gives you an estimate that seems too good to be true, they’ll likely not be licensed and bonded or insured. Only work with a contractor that is fully certified and can prove it.

  • Do you hire subcontractors?

    You’re hiring a contractor based on the reputation of their workers. So, if they subcontract, you never know what you’re going to get. Make sure your contractor has a full time crew that they have personally vetted.

  • What kind of paint do you use?

    The best contractors only work with quality paints, which look great and last a long time. Furthermore, some facilities call for a specific type of paint, such as low VOC paint. Your contractor should be fully knowledgeable about many paint products and be accountable for their quality.

  • Do you have any safety protocol or training?

    Continuous safety training that painting contractors require of all of their painters not only protects the painters while they’re on your property, it can also protect you and your employees. Be sure to ask about this before accepting a bid.

  • Do they have a picture portfolio of past jobs?

    The best painting contractors are proud of the work they do and will take photographs. These photos serve as proof of their quality. Ask to see jobs they've previously done that are similar to your facility.

  • Do you have a list of references I can contact?

    Google is popular because consumers trust what other consumers have to say about the service they get, the quality of the product and the overall feeling about a company. Your painting contractor should have plenty of references that will tell you what you need to know about their services.

  • Do you offer any type of warranty or guarantee?

    From the warranty on the paint they use to the contractor’s service guarantee, there are several ways in which you should be covered should the outcomes not go as planned. Walk away from a contractor who can’t guarantee their work.

  • Can you give me a free estimate before you start the project?

    While a contractor might find problems you didn’t know existed before they inspected your property, they aren’t technically there to diagnose a problem and shouldn’t charge you for that initial inspection.

  • What will be cleaned up after the job is finished?

    Painting projects can get messy, but your contractor should leave your property looking better than it did when they arrived. All paint chips, scraps, tape and other materials that come as a result of the project should be cleaned up.

  • Will there be someone to answer phone calls to answer any questions?

    If you’re the project manager, you need assurances that you will have a person who will pick up when you call and have the answers to your questions. Every great painting contractor takes great pains to ensure they can provide this to their clients.

If you’ve got questions we didn’t answer get to here, please call us and we’ll fill you in on everything you need to know.

Reliable commercial painting company in Chicago, IL

At Painters Inc., we are proud to be able to answer all the above questions. For example, we’re licensed, insured and we have a full time crew that we personally select for their abilities. We have plenty of photos of our work and numerous references you can use to find out what our clients say about our focus on quality outcomes.

We offer free estimates and we guarantee our work, which is part of the reason we’ve established ourselves as the Chicago area’s go-to commercial interior and exterior painting contractor. After years of providing services to several areas of the city and suburbs, we’ve developed a reputation for being customer-centric and accountable, highly skilled and always paying close attention to the finest details.

For more information about what we offer, visit us at Painters Inc., contact us or call (630) 214-9562.

Eivydas “David” Phillips
Eivydas “David” Phillips
Eivydas “David” Phillips is the founder and president of Painters Inc. He and his team have built a solid reputation as the preferred painting contractor in the Chicago area, capable of handling variety of complex commercial jobs, completing them on time and surpassing expectations. With a customer-centric focus, Painters Inc guarantees reliability on every job, large or small.