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Manufacturing Facilities Painting

Manufacturing facilities painting in the Chicago area

With an extensive track record spanning over two decades, Painters Inc. is a trusted partner for manufacturing facilities in the Chicago area, providing comprehensive painting solutions that safeguard and rejuvenate industrial assets. Our arsenal of services, including abrasive blasting, industrial power washing and specialized industrial painting, has served to provide quality finishes to structures of all types, ensuring their prolonged preservation.

Our commitment extends beyond aesthetics – we collaborate with manufacturing clients to cultivate safer, more functional and easily maintainable work environments. From painting walls, ceilings and floors to enhancing metal doors and overhauling exteriors, Painters Inc. possesses the expertise and know-how to bring our customers’ visions to life. Whether it's endowing newly constructed facilities with durable finishes or restoring faded surfaces to their former glory, our team is dedicated to delivering excellence with every stroke.

Qualified & Experienced

Our professionalism and superior job-planning skills reinforce our ability to complete your projects on time and within budget.

Safe Painting Practices

Safety is always our top priority when working onsite. Our employees follow the PDCA standards, and are OSHA trained.


With an industry leading (up to 5-year) warranty on most projects, get peace of mind and satisfying results.

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Industrial painting services for manufacturing facilities

Painters Inc. specializes in providing comprehensive industrial painting and coating services for manufacturing facilities. Our highly experienced painting crew are experts in following the protocols required for painting within manufacturing facilities.

Factory interior painting

We understand the importance of minimal disruption to your manufacturing operations, which is why we offer exceptional flexibility in project scheduling. Whether it's accommodating different shifts, scheduled downtimes, holiday breaks or tailored timeframes, our approach revolves around serving your operational needs. This commitment has made Painters Inc. a trusted choice for manufacturing facilities across the Chicago area.

Our operational procedures are tailored to meet the specific demands of manufacturing environments. We prioritize safety, thorough surface preparation and the use of low odor and low/zero VOC paints. Our team is trained and experienced in a variety of techniques, including ceiling painting, rust and corrosion control, line striping, and the treatment of storage silos and tanks.

Our expert industrial manufacturing facilities painting services include but are not limited to:

At Painters Inc., we are dedicated to delivering a safe, timely and budget-friendly completion of your manufacturing facility's interior and exterior painting projects. Contact us for expert industrial painting solutions tailored to your facility's unique needs.

Commercial properties

Industrial Painting:

  • Industrial facilities interior painting
  • Industrial facilities exterior painting
  • Factory structures painting
  • Manufacturing buildings painting
  • Structural steel painting
  • Industrial tank & silo painting
  • Industrial piping system painting
  • Industrial equipment painting
  • Difficult access painting

"We have worked with the Painters Inc. for the last 15 years. Some of the projects were as big as up to 1,500,000 ft.² They are always on time, very professional and most important they are reliable."

Anthony Merfeld
Anthony Merfeld

Manufacturing facilities interior coating and painting

When the obvious signs of wear demand attention, our comprehensive painting services for manufacturing facilities are your solution. If you've observed worn, peeling or flaking paint, as well as rust, corrosion or unsightly stains across your facility, it's time for a refresh.

warehouse interior painting in willowbrook

The presence of mold or mildew, worn and slippery floors lacking traction or visible markings, or airborne dust caused by deteriorating paint are strong indicators that your facility is due for a revitalizing paint and coatings update.

At Painters Inc., we understand the importance of well-maintained manufacturing space, and our industrial interior painting services are tailored to restore the efficiency, safety and aesthetic appeal of your facility.

We excel in comprehensive interior coating and painting services that breathe new life into your operational space. Our skilled team manages every facet of your interior painting project, upholding the utmost respect for your property throughout. With a wealth of experience, we have mastered the art of maintaining stringent clean room standards in regulated laboratories, expertly applying specialty coatings to interior storage tanks, and revitalizing machinery and assembly line equipment through sandblasting and repainting.

Our diverse range of interior painting services includes ceiling and floor painting, precise floor marking and line stripping, meticulous industrial cleaning, and the transformation of silos, tanks, and piping.

At Painters Inc., we prioritize the implementation of state-of-the-art equipment and cutting-edge products to minimize dust and odor. Our highly skilled crew members are well-versed in safely navigating bustling environments, collaborating seamlessly alongside your employees, navigating obstacles, and working with utmost care around sensitive materials.

Manufacturing facilities exterior coating and painting

Painters Inc. extends its expertise beyond interiors, boasting a wealth of experience in revitalizing and safeguarding the exteriors of these vital industrial spaces. Our team seamlessly navigates the bustling milieu of busy factory settings, executing exterior painting projects swiftly, safely and with remarkable efficiency. With a commitment to safety protocols, environmental standards, and property preservation, we are your trusted partner in transforming manufacturing facility exteriors.

warehouse exterior repainting in carol stream

Our comprehensive suite of industrial exterior painting services encompasses an array of essential tasks, including exterior wall painting, weatherproofing, sealant application, rust and corrosion protection, intumescent fireproofing coatings, meticulous structural steel coating, and the revitalization of metal roofs and adjacent structures.

Seamlessly merging our painting and coating skills with a deep understanding of your unique manufacturing needs, we ensure that every aspect of your facility's exterior receives the attention and care it deserves. Contact us to embark on the journey toward refreshing your manufacturing facility's exterior with our exceptional painting and coating services.

Trusted Chicago area industrial facilities painting contractor

As a trusted industrial painting contractor in Chicago, we're seasoned partners for diverse manufacturing environments, including factories, processing plants and healthcare facilities. Our vast experience guarantees the application of the right products and techniques tailored to your specific needs.

Boasting over two decades of impeccable safety and continuous investment in training, we prioritize the well-being of your facility. Our scheduling flexibility allows us to work around your operations, ensuring minimal disruption.

Our dedicated team treats your space with respect and operates with the utmost professionalism. Providing a full spectrum of painting services, we deliver seamless projects that adhere to our high standards. Ready to rejuvenate your facility? Schedule a free estimate with us today.

Why Choose Painters Inc.?

When on the job
Highest quality work

We conduct every project with a commitment to good workmanship and use only the best products to ensure the highest quality in craftsmanship and customer satisfaction.

Flexible scheduling to meet your requirements

We offer flexibility in scheduling and guarantee completing a job within the proposed timeline to save you stress and money.

Safety comes first

We take our role seriously and strictly adhere to industry safety standards on each and every job. All team members are OSHA safety practice and procedures trained, and all employees attend mandatory weekly safety meetings.

Clean lines & attention to details

From precise finish work to maintaining a clean, respectful work space, our eye is on the details.

Quick & smooth process

Our standards and services are always efficient and safety conscious, and to avoid disruption to your business operations, we’re able to work nights and weekends.

High quality materials

We only use top-of-the-line paint coatings and colors from Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore.

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