Diesel tank and piping painting in Chicago, IL

Industrial surfaces exterior painting project in Chicago, completed within five days.
Time frame: 5 days
Cost: $10,000 - $20,000

Exterior painting for industrial objects

Some painting projects are more complex than others, and Al Warren Oil’s diesel tank and piping project definitely fits the bill of “difficult.” Before our team could start painting, we had to power wash all surfaces.

Adding another layer of complexity to the project was the use of two-part epoxy paints, which was the preferred material for these structures. These paints require exact measurements and mixing. Despite the nature of the tasks in front of us, we were able to complete the job within five days, as requested by the client.

Industrial painting contractor in Chicago

Industrial painting projects are a different beast altogether, requiring a history working in industrial facilities and a skillset that ensures a safe and efficient approach. Painters Inc. has worked with many clients with industrial facilities and we know how to approach your project.

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"I have worked with Painters Inc on a number of projects at my Glencoe home, both inside and out. The quality has been excellent at a fair price. Supervision was top notch, no request was left unanswered and the owner was always accessable. I intent to use them again on new projects."

Stephen R

"Thank you very much for another job well done. The quoting process was honest, fair, and straight forward. The beautiful project was completed on schedule as promised. I especially appreciate the workmanship from all the Painters Inc crew members. I highly recommend Painters Inc to everyone."

Jonathan G

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