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You can have your commercial building painted in Winter.

Can I have my building's interior painted in Winter?

As the weather gets colder and we find ourselves inside more often here in the Chicago area, it’s a good time to look around and determine if your commercial building needs some maintenance. There are many building types you may own or manage, including apartment buildings, condominiums, retail stores, offices, strip malls, doctor or dentist’s offices, car dealerships, manufacturing facilities … the list of buildings you own or manage for business goes on. Right now, it is a good time to decide if there are painting jobs that your building needs to ensure that it is up to code, refreshed, and looking great for the New Year. 

Commercial Building Painting and Maintenance in Chicagoland

What Chicagoland Property Managers Need to Know About Commercial Painting and Maintenance for their Buildings

For property managers, the end of the year signals wrapping up maintenance lists and focusing on updates for the new year. Power washing and painting are often at the top of these lists.

As a property manager, your knowledge and understanding of commercial painting and maintenance will determine your building’s longevity and success. Your role is key to making the best choices for your building. When it comes to commercial painting, it’s not an option to settle for anything less than the best.

There are a few questions you may have when it comes to commercial painting and the benefits of maintaining your building’s power washing and painting schedules. Here are the top five questions property managers ask when considering commercial painting and maintenance for their buildings. 

3 painters interior project

How to choose the best painting contractor in Chicago

Choosing a painting contractor seems like a daunting task given the sheer number of them in the Chicago area. With a little research and knowing what to look for, the process becomes much less arduous.

condo interior colors

How to choose paint colors for apartments and condominiums

The colors used in condos and apartments say much about the overall residential experience. Besides choosing the right colors, you also need a professional crew to tackle the project on a schedule that meets your needs and at a price that fits your budget.

Hire a commercial painter for your building's interior

7 Reasons to Hire a Commercial Painter for your Building's Interior

As the cold weather starts to settle in, many businesses in Chicago are in various stages of planning or in the midst of working on interior projects for their buildings. Projects ranging from painting to electrical work are well underway as the colors of fall roll in over Chicagoland. If you are considering an interior project, now is a smart time to plan and get done the interior work needed on your commercial or HOA building.

What to Expect When Getting a Commercial Painting Estimate for Your Building

What to Expect When Getting a Commercial Painting Estimate for Your Building

For new building owners and managers, the task of having your building painted can seem overwhelming. If you haven’t yet met with or conducted business with a professional painting contractor, you may feel unprepared for what is involved in getting a painting estimate for a commercial or industrial building.

Maintenance and Painting Projects You Can Have Done Now to Get Your Commercial Building Ready for Fall and Winter

Maintenance and Painting Projects You Can Have Done Now to Get Your Commercial Building Ready for Fall and Winter

Summer is quickly coming to a close, and before we know it the colors of Fall will be lining the streets of Chicago. From apple picking to changing leaves, to everything pumpkin spice, many of us look forward to the change of seasons bringing a crisp, fresh air to our beloved Chicagoland.

With the change in weather coming soon, commercial building owners and operators are busy planning and preparing for regular maintenance and cleaning that their businesses need. With the impacts of the coronavirus to consider, preparing your commercial space for the colder months may (require additional steps) look different than in past years. 

Painting and power washing project you can do for your commercial building during the pandemic

Painting and Power Washing Projects That Can Be Done During the Pandemic

Many business and building owners have been working diligently to make improvements and repairs to the interiors and exteriors of their buildings. By taking time now to repair and repaint, your building can be ready for the coming Winter weather and whatever else the future may hold. Because of the uncertainty of the times, it is good for both you and your maintenance contractors to be flexible in planning your upcoming building projects. There are, however, some regular maintenance projects that you can have a contractor do for your building sooner than later in order to be ready for what’s next.

Exterior painting preparation is important for a great commercial paint job.

Exterior Painting Prep – Why Is It So Important?

Now is a great time to boost your home or business’s curb appeal with a fresh coat of paint. The warmer, less precipitous months are ideal for many types of business upkeep, especially exterior painting. Springtime into early Summer is the perfect season to schedule your home or business for an exterior paint job.