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Lake Hinsdale Village: Interior Common Area Design & Installation

This is an interesting project for us because it was much more than interior painting – it also entailed interior design and installation services.

3 Steps For Staying On Top Of Chicago’s Property Maintenance Issues

Maintenance issues will always exist regardless of the property’s age or condition. Here are some tips for staying on top of Chicago’s most prevalent property maintenance issues.

Cheap Paint Job Examples: What Not To Do

Every year, we run into poorly handled jobs – where the previously hired painter did not do much, if any, project preparation (power washing, grinding, sanding) and applied the paint directly to a dirty or a comprised, rusty surface.

How To Hire A Commercial Painter: Your Checklist

Figuring out how to hire a commercial painter to handle maintenance around your properties can be a stressful undertaking if you don’t know what to look for, which is why we created this checklist of questions to help you through that process.

Project Spotlight: Four Lakes Village

Early this summer, we completed Year Two of a four-year project to repaint 33 buildings at Four Lakes Village located in Lisle, IL.

How To Plan And Budget For Property Maintenance

Whether you are a property manager or serve on the association’s board, you understand the importance of planning for property maintenance and capital improvements. One of the key elements in this equation is developing a property maintenance budget.

Project Spotlight: Lake Hinsdale Village

We recently finished the Lake Hinsdale Village Community project located in Willowbrook, IL. The project included painting the two four-story buildings’ wood siding exterior, trim, soffit and doors. During the power washing phase, we discovered that a lot of wood needed to be replaced and got approval from the association for the repairs before we painted.

A Property Manager’s Guide To Getting Exterior Painting Done In 2017

As a property manager, you have a lot of projects on your plate every day and those items – and their priority – are constantly shifting depending on the urgent calls you receive. While it can be hectic at times, it is also one of the things that make your job so enjoyable. When you can ease a tenant’s concern and see their look of gratitude, it is quite rewarding.