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Painter for a day painting the exterior of a Chicagoland commercial building

Painter for a Day - Is a 1-Day Painting Service Right for You?

Have you ever taken on a ‘quick DIY’ project, only to find yourself in a half-finished room with the tape still up and no idea when you can put your furniture back in place? Or have you ever considered hiring a painter, but stopped short because of time and budgetary concerns?

Painters Inc team painting the exterior of a tall white building.

Should I Have My Building Painted Now or Should I Wait Until After the Coronavirus Passes?

These are quite unusual times. Some of our clients are moving ahead with maintenance and painting work on their buildings, while others are putting a temporary hold on their building’s upkeep. You may be asking yourself, “Should I have my building(s) painted now or should I wait until after the coronavirus passes?”

Painting a hotel, motel, or restaurant is a job that calls for lots of thought and planning.

How to Safely Have Your Hotel, Motel, or Restaurant Painted

Painting any property is a big task to undertake, regardless of size or scope. Each home or business has its unique challenges and requirements. There are some specific businesses, however, that require extra care and attention. Painting a hotel, motel, or restaurant is a job that calls for more thought and planning to ensure the work is done the right and safest way possible. Here are some considerations to take into account when hiring a painting contractor to paint your hotel, motel, or restaurant.

how to plan your building's exterior painting project

How to Plan Your Building’s Exterior Painting Project

Planning a painting project for your building’s exterior can be a daunting task from budgeting, to choosing the colors to hiring a contractor to complete your project on time and at budget. Here are some simple steps to help you plan the exterior painting project for your building to achieve the best results.

It's best to make plans to power wash your building right after Winter.

Best Time to Power Wash Your Industrial Facilities, Equipment, and Commercial Building

Power washing your building is an important maintenance project that will help your property stay clean and well-functioning. Commercial building managers and facilities managers typically schedule their buildings for regular washing and painting.

There are lots of benefits to painting your warehouse's exterior.

5 Benefits to Painting Your Warehouse’s Exterior

Your warehouse’s exterior may be more of an afterthought when it comes to maintenance and aesthetics than other types of buildings you own or maintain. Some warehouse owners overlook or neglect the need to paint the exterior of their warehouse if the exterior walls show little or no sign of damage. However, there are many benefits to painting your warehouse's exterior that are good for the exterior and longevity and, therefore, a good business decision.

Maintain your commercial interior painting project so it will last.

How to Maintain Your Commercial Interior Painting Project

If you’ve had the interior of your building painted recently, you’ve taken an important first step towards investing in your office, warehouse, or other commercial property. Now that you’ve had your building painted, it’s important to maintain it once the painting crew has completed their work. If you fail to maintain your new paint job properly, you may need to have the work done again, which, of course, can be costly. Here are a few steps you can take to make sure you protect your commercial interior painting project investment.

One of the best paint colors for your office space in 2020 is off-white.

The Best Colors for Your Office Space in 2020

Stark white offices have long been the standard for corporate and commercial environments. However, bright white is now thought to cause workers to be less productive and, some believe, produce lower quality work.

Understand the cost of painting your commercial building

Understanding the Cost of Commercial Painting in Chicago

There are many costs that go into a commercial painting project in order to attain an excellent result for you. To better understand your commercial painting quote, it’s best to understand these costs and how they will affect your final paint quote.