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“Painter for a Day” Service

Painter for a Day in Chicago and surrounding areas

“Painter for a Day” service is a simplified painting service: you are given a flat rate for 8 hours of work. No hassles, no hidden fees and no possibility of a job getting derailed for an untold amount of time. You become the project manager, directing our painter on what needs to be accomplished – we will tackle the list of high priority projects in short order. No compromising quality.

So, what do you get when you sign up for “Painter for a Day” services? At Painters Inc., you get quite a bit and at a highly-competitive cost.

Our professional painter arrives ready to take on all the projects that can be fit into an 8-hour workday. They will have the necessary tools that only professionals use and have the knowledge to use them to your advantage. The following is just a short list of what most customers expect when they partner with us:

  • Flat rate $520
  • 8 hours of quality work
  • A professional painter
  • The painter to arrive with all the necessary supplies
  • The painter to tackle any painting project
  • Managing work priorities
  • All tools and supplies included (you only supply the paint)

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Quick and professional painting service for one day

When commercial building owners/operators require painting expertise, they aren’t always able to take on a project that requires an extended timeline. At Painters Inc., we’ve developed the “Painter for a Day” service, which is more in line with the needs of those who have smaller projects that need fast attention. We provide a practical solution that can have some fairly startling effects, making dramatic improvements in a short amount of time.

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With our “Painter for a Day” service, we send an expert painter to your facility and provide an eight-hour work session that addresses your needs, whether it’s a touch up, damage control or something a little more extensive that can be accomplished within eight hours. Clients that need fast painting services that require a professional’s touch really gravitate to this service.

We know our customers lead busy lives, whether it’s at work or home, and they can’t have a big crew of painters in their space for an extended time. When an overstayed welcome is not something our customers can tolerate, we step in with quick, friendly and affordable painting solutions.

Our painting experts are full-time employees, so we know that when we send out our professionals, our customers are getting the best, most highly skilled painters in the region. They excel at providing our “Painter for a Day” service and are ready to take on your project(s).

Commercial properties

“Painter For A Day"

$520.00 fee includes:

  • Up to 8 hours of work at the customer’s jobsite
  • Extra materials needed for prepping the job site and for making repairs
- Does not include finish coat paint products. Should Painters Inc. supply paint, there will be an additional charge.
- For after hours and weekends, there will be an additional fee.

What is “Painting for a Day” service

“Painter for a Day” is a service that doesn’t require the same numerous steps that most painting jobs entail. Rather than going through an inspection and estimate process where materials and other minutiae are thoroughly evaluated, “Painter for a Day” services are simplified. Customers are given a flat rate for 8 hours of work. No hassles, no hidden fees and no possibility of a job getting derailed for an untold amount of time.

3 painters doing interior painting

Hire our trained, certified, fully insured and equipped painters for the low price of $520 to complete your projects, including:

  • Give a room fresh colors
  • Revitalize those faded walls
  • Repaint baseboards, doors and trim
  • Pressure wash your exteriors for a clean new look
  • Refresh your high traffic areas with new paint
  • Shake up the aesthetic with accent wall painting

The point of this service is to give our customers options, particularly those that cannot endure disruption for any length of time. Painters Inc. will tackle the list of high priority projects in short order. Our client becomes the project manager, directing our painter on what needs to be accomplished. The client will also be able to answer any questions our painter might have, communicating effectively so that every task on the list is accomplished.

We are focused on providing a swift, no-frills service, which is why our “Painter for a Day” offering does not include the option for immediate callbacks. When our painter arrives, they can assess whether or not the list of projects is too time intensive to be completed in a day. At that point, the list can be prioritized to ensure the most critical tasks are tackled first.

Our customers want quick resolution to their projects, and that’s what we provide. Sometimes, projects can’t be completed in a day, in which case we do our best to find a slot in the schedule for another “Painter for a Day” service as soon as possible.

As soon as the painters arrive, please discuss the following items:

  • Safety/security details
  • Task details and priorities
  • Bathroom preferences
  • Contact information and best availability preferences

"Thank you very much for the wonderful job that the painters did. The rooms, closets and washrooms looks great and the men did a super job cleaning up. We are very happy with your company and how professional everyone is."

Sister Elizabeth and Yonius

One day painting at the right cost and on your time schedule

Customers who request our “Painter for a Day” service get one painter from Painters Inc. for up to an 8-hour workday. The painter will take two 10-minute breaks and a 30 minute lunch, which are required by law. The cost, which is highly competitive, is priced at $520 plus material. To reserve a scheduled date, we will require a $100 refundable deposit. When the work is completed, the remaining balance, $380, is due.

In most situations, our clients will supply the paints, as they’ll have made decisions in advance about colors, etc. The daily fee will include items that Painters Inc. brings to the jobsite, often including plastic, repair compounds, primers and roller covers. There is no fee for traveling to your jobsite.

Please Note: In a situation where our painter puts in more than 8 hours of work, an overtime rate will be added to the bill. Our pricing is based on the Monday through Friday 8 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. workday. Pricing will also be adjusted for work executed on the weekend and after hours. For questions about pricing, just give us a call.

Professional & effective one day painting service for the commercial projects

At Painters Inc., we have amassed years of experience painting for our commercial clients in all types of environments and situations. From power washing to repairing damaged surfaces and repainting them, we’ve met just about every possible scenario and come up with a solution for it.

warehouse loft painting in chicago

We know that the business can’t go on hold just because new paint is needed. We work fast and efficiently, ensuring that the job is not only done right, but that anyone in the project area is not disturbed – business can go on as usual. If you need the job to be completed during off hours, we can do that, too.

That’s just a brief list of some of our usual “Painter for a Day” tasks. As long as we can reasonably tackle a job within the 8-hour time block, nothing is really out of the question, so if you don’t see your task listed, contact us and let’s talk about your needs.

Typical “Painter for a Day” tasks:

  • Clean and prep areas that will be painted
  • Power wash surfaces, such as driveways, mildewed exteriors, etc.
  • Paint walls, baseboards and trim
  • Clean and/or paint privacy walls/fences
  • Paint a accent walls
  • Revitalize high-traffic areas
  • Graffiti remediation
  • Entry door painting

One day house painting service for homeowners

While Painters Inc. has a heavy focus on commercial property, we also work with residential clients in need of painting services, including the “Painter for a Day” service. If you have a do-to list that is getting out of hand or just need an expert’s touch, we’re here to help. We understand how difficult it can be to get that bedroom painted or the accent wall in the living room and your bathroom painted while juggling all the other projects you have going on, so let us give you a hand for a day.

condo balconies painting in des plaines

What we’re known to offer is affordable, friendly and quality painting services that go beyond our customers’ expectations. That means when we show up to a job, we treat the property as if it is our own – with total respect and an eye toward excellence.

There is so much more that can be done in a day, so just contact us and let’s talk about your to-do list. We’ll show up with an experienced painter who has the tools required to get your job done fast but with a professional’s touch.

At Painters Inc., we’ve tackled jobs ranging from complex to easy and got them finished in a day’s time. For most homeowners who have limited painting skills, some of the work we do might take them weeks, and by the end of the project, they’re not even happy with the work they’ve done. The value we provide is about more than just getting the job done fast – it’s about results.

The “Painter for a Day” service is fast, affordable and totally convenient. Contact us and schedule your big day with Painters Inc.

Same day painting for your fresh interior and exterior

When we say we provide value, that means we offer an affordable yet quality and reliable same-day commercial and residential painting services. For property owners that need a job done in a day and expect high-quality finishes, they contact Painters Inc. for our “Painter for a Day” option.

Interior painting

Quick painting service

Same day services include interior and exterior jobs, from accent walls and baseboards to power washing decks and driveways or touching up areas that need a little paint rehabilitation.

If you’re not sure if your job will fit under a same day service situation, just contact us and let’s talk about your project.

Hire a painter for a day

You want a local professional you can trust with your property and provide a quality finish. You won’t find that in a contractor with temporary laborers or part time staff with little experience.

At Painters Inc., we’re the professionals that are known for our customer-centric approach that has our clients trusting us with their property, whether it’s an office building, hotel, school, condo or house. From interiors to exteriors, we’ve got you covered with “Painter for a Day” program. So, contact us and we’ll schedule a day that works best for you. You can also call us at (630) 214-9562.

Why Choose Painters Inc.?

When on the job
Highest quality work

We conduct every project with a commitment to good workmanship and use only the best products to ensure the highest quality in craftsmanship and customer satisfaction.

Flexible scheduling to meet your requirements

We offer flexibility in scheduling and guarantee completing a job within the proposed timeline to save you stress and money.

Safety comes first

We take our role seriously and strictly adhere to industry safety standards on each and every job. All team members are OSHA safety practice and procedures trained, and all employees attend mandatory weekly safety meetings.

Clean lines & attention to details

From precise finish work to maintaining a clean, respectful work space, our eye is on the details.

Quick & smooth process

Our standards and services are always efficient and safety conscious, and to avoid disruption to your business operations, we’re able to work nights and weekends.

High quality materials

We only use top-of-the-line paint coatings and colors from Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore.

Let’s Talk About Your 1-Day Project!

We’re ready to discuss your exterior and interior painting needs. There is so much that can be done in a day, so just contact us and let’s talk about your to-do list. We’ll show up with an experienced painter who will provide a fast, affordable and totally convenient service.

Painting services available in Chicago area

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