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Industrial Painting

Professional industrial painting in the Chicago area

Most industrial sites are constructed using a fair amount of structural steel and other metals. And while these alloys are the foundation of our industrialized society, they are prone to corrosion. Whether it’s the elements, high traffic, exposure to chemicals or just humidity that takes a toll over the years, a quality painting job offers a layer of protection, ensuring the metal will last for years and years.

At Painters Inc., we specialize in industrial painting services, from small factories to big industrial parks where the architecture can be complex and seemingly difficult to paint. Our crew of experienced professionals are trained to safely and efficiently complete industrial painting jobs of any size.

Qualified & Experienced

Our professionalism and superior job-planning skills reinforce our ability to complete your projects on time and within budget.

Safe Painting Practices

Safety is always our top priority when working onsite. Our employees follow the PDCA standards, and are OSHA trained.


With an industry leading (up to 5-year) warranty on most projects, get peace of mind and satisfying results.

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Industrial painting services for factories & industrial equipment

At Painter's Inc., we have more than a decade of experience in serving industrial clients. In that time, we have proven that we are a company you can rely on. We provide top-rated painting services throughout the Chicago area and we always strive to fulfill our client's needs, which means honoring deadlines and staying on budget.

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Safety is a top priority when painting industrial facilities. Every member of our crew receives the latest worksite training and we follow OSHA standards. We show up to the site with the right safety tools and we take all safe work practices very seriously.

Our track record proves that we are efficient, reliable and customer focused. If your industrial worksite needs attention, bring Painters Inc. in for a thorough inspection and free estimate. We look for the smallest of details so we can provide an accurate timeline and price for our services.

Our specialty includes but is not limited to the following:

  • Industrial facilities interior painting

    Fresh paint not only protects your interiors, it also makes them look spectacular. We’ll even work around your schedule so your production doesn’t suffer as a result of our services.
  • Industrial facilities exterior painting

    Just because industrial facilities often have a rugged design doesn’t mean they can’t look nice, too. Our exterior painting services will boost the curb appeal of your facility.
  • Factory structures painting

    We have amassed the technical knowledge of paint and primers that are made especially for the many varied types of structures found in a factory.
  • Manufacturing buildings painting

    Regardless of what type of manufacturing building you have, Painters Inc. knows how to tackle the complexities within. Our experience with all types of manufacturing buildings makes us a go-to painting contractor.
  • Structural steel painting

    Preparing and painting structural steel takes a specific skill. Don’t trust just any painting contractor to paint yours – go with the contractor with years of experience, the right tools for the job and the techniques for tackling the complexities of structural steel.
  • Industrial tank and silo painting

    Tanks and silos come in many shapes and sizes and are made of many different types of material. Knowing how to paint each of them is something Painters Inc. offers our customers.
  • Industrial piping system painting

    Most industrial facilities are full of piping systems that can range from simple to complex. Maintaining them involves applying a protective coat of paint, which takes the right type of tools and techniques.
  • Industrial equipment painting

    Your sensitive industrial equipment shouldn’t be put in the hands of the wrong painting contractor – only trust an experienced crew to handle your expensive, important equipment.
  • Difficult access painting

    Offering comprehensive industrial painting services means having the tools and techniques that allow us to reach the most difficult areas. Painters Inc. employs lifts and special painting tools that grant us access to the most out-of-reach areas.

Industrial facilities are often filled with many different types of materials, piping, equipment and machinery that have to be tended to in very specific ways. From prepping these surfaces for paint to applying the right type of primers and coating, Painters Inc. has the experience and knowledge to handle any type of industrial facility.

Commercial properties

Industrial Painting:

  • Industrial facilities interior painting
  • Industrial facilities exterior painting
  • Factory structures painting
  • Manufacturing buildings painting
  • Structural steel painting
  • Industrial tank & silo painting
  • Industrial piping system painting
  • Industrial equipment painting
  • Difficult access painting

"Great company: expert suggestions; reasonable proposals; wonderful staff; high quality work; and safe, reliable service."

David Harrington

Industrial interior painters in the Chicago area

Choosing the right painting contractor for interior painting needs means bringing in a crew of experienced individuals who respect the property and the workers within it. Furthermore, finding the right contractor means choosing one that has a vast knowledge of all the equipment required for finishing with stunning results. That’s what we offer at Painters Inc.

interior painting for industrial buildings

Full-service interior painting for industrial buildings & equipment

Every job is different, which is why it makes sense to partner with an interior painting contractor with years of experience assisting industrial clients of all types. Industrial buildings are home to many different kinds of equipment that differ from job to job. At Painters Inc., we know how to safely clean and prep equipment before applying fresh primer and paint or coatings.

Industrial buildings require a unique approach because there are often specific types of paint that need to be used based on the type of surfaces that are in the facility. At Painters Inc., we’re up to date on all the different requirements, varieties of paint, coatings and cleaning solvents used in the process.

Industrial exterior painters in the Chicago area

Exterior surfaces also need to be closely examined and maintained, because these surfaces ultimately protect everything under/behind it. Painters Inc. can provide thorough inspection services to know exactly what needs to be addressed, and then provide superior exterior painting services that not only protect, but also enhance a building’s exterior appearance.

exterior painting for industrial structures

Fast and efficient exterior painting for industrial structures

After years serving the industrial sector, we know our clients need to avoid an extended disruption in their production, which is why we make quick work of our exterior painting jobs. But we never sacrifice quality for speed. When we give our customers an estimate on the length of the project, we factor in getting the job done correctly.

Getting the job done right and on time requires extensive experience, skills and the right equipment. At Painters Inc., we approach every exterior painting project with efficiency, quality and safety in mind. This is what leads to us regularly exceeding our customers’ expectations.

Structural steel painting services

Structural steel has many advantages when incorporated into structures. While structural steel is incredibly strong and efficient, it does not hold up well to moisture. For this reason, metals used in industrial facilities require painting and maintenance if it’s going to last.

pumping station interior painting in morton grove

At Painters Inc., we assist our customers with painting services that protect the metal for years and years. Furthermore, our clients benefit from the color coding that painting services provide, which establishes increased visibility, safety and workflow advantages. Regardless of what equipment or machinery it is, we can paint it, including the following:

  • Ducts and Stacks
  • Bins and Silos
  • Cranes and Rails
  • Fuel Storage Tanks
  • Water Storage Tanks
  • Metal Roofing
  • Machinery and Equipment
  • Architectural Steel
  • Lines and Pipes

Obviously, there are many, many more components that make up the average factory or other industrial building. Rest assured that Painters Inc. can manage all of them.

A dependable industrial tank and silo painting contractor

As a full service industrial painting contractor, Painters Inc. has painted many tanks and silos. Tanks, silos and bins are made in many different shapes and sizes for many different purposes.

From high heat coating applications to basic protective paints, we have the solutions for every scenario involving tanks and silos.

For the paint/coating to last, Painters Inc. goes through an extensive surface preparation process, which includes rust/contaminant removal, cleaning, power washing and/or sand blasting. Then we choose the product that will be the perfect match for your tank or silo and apply it with a professional’s touch.

Industrial piping system painting

It’s no secret that most industrial piping systems can be complex, to say the least. These systems often involve a variety of materials used for different purposes.

From cooling lines to hot water lines, pipes that are under pressure to pipes that have strict color code requirements – different types of paint are used depending on the type of pipe being painted. It takes years of experience to get this kind of job done right, which is why you should choose Painters Inc.

Our crew has passed background checks, are OSHA certified and are continuously educating themselves on industrial painting practices.

The go-to Chicago area industrial painting contractor

At Painters Inc., we have a lot of confidence in what we do and plenty of performance reviews to back up our position as a go-to industrial painting contractor for the Chicago area. We accomplish this by hiring qualified individuals to join our team of painters – individuals who respect the workplace, their fellow painters and the craft as a whole.

We’ve got more than 20 years of experience assisting our customers, providing stunning results to a wide variety of industrial clients with many different needs. We work closely with project leaders to ensure everything on the task list is being taken care of in an efficient manner. We’re also competitively priced and we never surprise our customers with hidden fees.

By staying on track with our estimates, in terms of time and money, we have built a reputation for reliability and consistency. Better yet, at the end of our projects, we’re often told that our work has exceeded already high expectations. Contact us at Painters Inc. and let’s discuss your industrial painting project.

Why Choose Painters Inc.?

When on the job
Highest quality work

We conduct every project with a commitment to good workmanship and use only the best products to ensure the highest quality in craftsmanship and customer satisfaction.

Flexible scheduling to meet your requirements

We offer flexibility in scheduling and guarantee completing a job within the proposed timeline to save you stress and money.

Safety comes first

We take our role seriously and strictly adhere to industry safety standards on each and every job. All team members are OSHA safety practice and procedures trained, and all employees attend mandatory weekly safety meetings.

Clean lines & attention to details

From precise finish work to maintaining a clean, respectful work space, our eye is on the details.

Quick & smooth process

Our standards and services are always efficient and safety conscious, and to avoid disruption to your business operations, we’re able to work nights and weekends.

High quality materials

We only use top-of-the-line paint coatings and colors from Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore.

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