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Fire Escape Repairs & Painting

Highly professional fire escape maintenance for the Chicago area

Safety is a top concern for property owners, which is why keeping fire escapes well maintained is such a high priority. This includes inspecting, cleaning, scraping, painting, refurbishing and repairing as needed. For property owners in the City of Chicago, fire escapes are required to be scraped and repainted every three years. Surrounding communities also have various regulations regarding the maintenance of fire escapes, which is why it is of great value to have a painting contractor you can trust to do the work.

At Painters Inc., our fire escape painting and maintenance services completely cover property owners in the City of Chicago and surrounding communities. Our services include much more than just painting – we refurbish and repair every component involved in a fire escape system, make adjustments and inspect them, providing detailed reports for city fire code officials on our customers’ behalf.

Qualified & Experienced

Our professionalism and superior job-planning skills reinforce our ability to complete your projects on time and within budget.

Safe Painting Practices

Safety is always our top priority when working onsite. Our employees follow the PDCA standards, and are OSHA trained.


With an A+ rated membership with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and a growing list of satisfied customers, you can trust our quality services.

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Fire escape painting, renovation and refurbishing services

Fire escape maintenance services include more than just scraping and painting; property owners need assurances that all components of the escapes are always in perfect working order. That means everything from regular inspections to making repairs is part of the package when you partner with the Painters Inc.

The following are some of the most frequently-requested services we provide:

  • Fire escape estimates and inspections

    We pore over every component of the fire escape to ensure everything is in proper working order, plus, you get a free estimate with your inspection.

  • Fire escape painting

    Following a thorough scraping, our professional painters will apply the right type of paint to make sure your property is protected.

  • Fire escape refurbishment

    Years and years of weathering take a toll. Our refurbishing services keep your fire escape from delipating further.

  • Fire escape renovation

    If yours is in need of renovation, in part or in totality, our experienced team will take the necessary steps to get yours looking and working like new.

  • Fire escape repairs

    Whether it’s a nuts and bolts issue or something more complex, like structural elements, our crew has the experience and know how to make the proper repairs.

Inspecting, cleaning, scraping, painting and repairing – Painters Inc. can do it all. While we offer premium services, we never charge premium fees. We are competitively priced and consistently exceed customer expectations. Call us for a free quote or consultation on your upcoming fire escape project.

Fire escape inspection services in the Chicago area

Our fully EPA certified lead-safe company specializes in fire escape inspection. Make sure your fire escape complies with your state building regulations and schedule an appointment.

The importance of regular fire escape inspections

Chicago code requires that fire escapes are inspected every five years, but many property owners will work with contractors to have their unit(s) inspected on a more frequent basis, particularly on older escapes that need a little TLC.

At Painters Inc., our inspectors will thoroughly examine your fire escape(s) and take detailed notes. Upon completion, we’ll submit a report to the fire code official on your behalf, keeping you in line with regulations. Furthermore, we’ll discuss our findings with you, so if the system needs attention, the next steps can be arranged so your fire escape is never in danger of failing.

"I want to thank you and your crew for the outstanding job you did in renovating our condo building these past couple of months. From start to finish, it was so easy to work with you in completing such an enormous task. The whole project consisted of redecorating our 4 story building with new paint, tile, trim work, lighting, resident doors and other areas of need."

Bill Arnieri
Board President, J-A Condo Association

"I have worked with Painters Inc on a number of projects at my Glencoe home, both inside and out. The quality has been excellent at a fair price. Supervision was top notch, no request was left unanswered and the owner was always accessable. I intent to use them again on new projects."

Stephen R

"And I haven't even mentioned the quality of work, which was superb! The care of our property and the meticulous attention to detail was evident in everything that was done. In addition, your advice during this project saved us money and improved the final look of our building. A customer could not ask for anything more from a contractor."

Bill Arnieri
Board President, J-A Condo Association

"Thank you very much for another job well done. The quoting process was honest, fair, and straight forward. The beautiful project was completed on schedule as promised. I especially appreciate the workmanship from all the Painters Inc crew members. I highly recommend Painters Inc to everyone."

Jonathan G

Chicago fire escape repainting services

Our experts at Painters Inc. have the expertise to maintain your fire escape and using the best quality paints and materials not only ensure a better end result, but also can help extend the longevity of your paint job.

Fire escape painting and repair in Chicago area

Priming and painting the fire escape as code requires

To ensure your fire escape is not negatively impacted by the severe weather that frequently hits Chicago and the surrounding area, scraping and repainting is required. Our crew uses the latest technology to scrape all existing rust and paint that is peeling or flaking off the surface. We’ll prime any bare metal before applying high-quality paints.

While Chicago requires scraping and repainting every three years, to stay on top of areas of concern, our clients often have us employ our scraping and painting services following annual inspections. It’s all part of a maintenance routine that can keep your fire escape in top working order for many, many years.

Fire escape staircase refurbishing services

Most fire escapes begin to take on a rather haggard look after a few seasons in the harsh elements, which is why scheduling a refurbishment is a great idea. Painters Inc. will closely inspect your fire escape and pinpoint the areas where weathering has occurred. Our crew is highly skilled at refurbishing fire escapes that are otherwise in great working order.

Our refurbishing services make your fire escape look new again, but more importantly, we make it more resilient, which means it will stand up to the elements and keep the metal in great working order for years to come.

Fire escape repairs

Some fire escapes are more complex than others, as they have more moving parts, but all fire escapes will need repairs at some point. From rust removal to new primer and paint, part replacements to ladder adjustments – all components will need to be thoroughly inspected and fixed. Whatever the job requires, Painters Inc. has you covered.

The following are some of the most requested services:

  • Metal replacement and welding services
  • Load testing inspection services
  • Rust prevention services, such as sealing connecting points
  • Scraping services for rust and paint removal
  • Annual maintenance planning
  • Drop ladder cable inspection, repair and replacement
  • Painting all exterior surface for added rust prevention protection
  • Ladder counter-balance or slider or hydraulic repairs
  • Rebalancing cantilevers, repairing and replacement
  • Replacing damaged/worn/rusted nuts and bolts
  • Inspect for code violations and provide updates as needed
  • Tuck pointing/mortar work on walls around fire escape

If you are looking for high quality fire escape maintenance, you need look no further. We can maintain your fire escape and make the necessary repairs as well as paint and replace sections as needed. Contact us and we would be glad to help you.

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We build enduring customer relationships by providing reliable and professional commercial painting and renovation services. Our team constantly strives to provide our customers with the best experience possible.

We work closely with:

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The Chicago area’s painting contractor for complete fire escape services

While the fire escape might not be the most exciting aspect of your exteriors, it serves an important service and it can become an eyesore if allowed to rust and peel. Not only does a poorly-cared-for fire escape system take away from your curb appeal, you risk malfunctions that can lead to risks and fines for code violations.

To make sure you’re up to code and are looking your best, schedule regular visits from our fire escape experts at Painters Inc. We’ll make sure everything is in working order, and when it’s time to refurbish or repair, we’ll be there to tackle the project, no matter how simple or complex.

Painters Inc. has built its reputation around unmatchable customer service, so contact us and let’s work out a time that fits your busy schedule and we’ll visit your property and ensure your fire escape gets the updates it needs.

Why Choose Painters Inc.?

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Highest quality work

We conduct every project with a commitment to good workmanship and use only the best products to ensure the highest quality in craftsmanship and customer satisfaction.

Flexible scheduling to meet your requirements

We offer flexibility in scheduling and guarantee completing a job within the proposed timeline to save you stress and money.

Safety comes first

We take our role seriously and strictly adhere to industry safety standards on each and every job. All team members are OSHA safety practice and procedures trained, and all employees attend mandatory weekly safety meetings.

Clean lines & attention to details

From precise finish work to maintaining a clean, respectful work space, our eye is on the details.

Quick & smooth process

Our standards and services are always efficient and safety conscious, and to avoid disruption to your business operations, we’re able to work nights and weekends.

High quality materials

We only use top-of-the-line paint coatings and colors from Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore.

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