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Floor Marking

Floor marking and line striping contractor in the Chicago area

Warehouse floors can be a bustling, busy area where traffic goes every which way. With the right floor marking, the warehouse can be safer and more productive. Floor striping indicates the proper flow of traffic, but it also provides information that is vital for high-functioning facilities. Commercial and industrial facilities, as well as manufacturing and distribution facilities, are more efficient when floor striping is correctly applied, because employees in all departments have a clear indication of their proper direction of travel, avoid collisions in the process and are made aware of various hazards as well as the location of emergency equipment.

At Painters Inc., we have developed a floor marking application system that clearly outlines boundaries, as well as paths and egresses. Our painters use the right tools for the job, including the various colors used in striping to indicate aisles, lanes and paths for improved flow throughout the facility. From fire exits to emergency first aid stations, we’re experts at floor marking in all types of production and distribution facilities.


Industrial floor marking services to improve efficiency and safety

From simple aisle marking in a warehouse to more complex traffic flow striping in factories and distribution centers, Painters Inc. works in commercial properties of all types, providing floor marking services that help improve productivity and safety.

Industrial floor striping to improve safety

While these facilities are required to follow OSHA guidelines, which we’re well versed in, many organizations have internal protocols to follow in regard to floor markings. As excellent communicators, Painters Inc. works closely with project managers to ensure that all OSHA regulations as well as each clients’ unique guidelines are followed. Only experienced technicians can apply the markings to surfaces in a way that follows OSHA and 5S standards and also last a long time, and that’s what we provide at Painters Inc. Our industrial floor marking services have made us a go-to contractor that our clients have trusted for many years.

Painters Inc. is also equipped to remove and clean off worn floor markings and striping, which helps to avoid confusion, as well as provide a clean surface for the new markings to be laid. With this attention to detail, the markings last a long time, even in high-traffic areas.

Whether it’s an exit marking, storage area or assembly line space striping and anything in between, we’ve got the expertise to handle any job. Call us at (630) 214-9562

Warehouse and distribution center floor markings

Warehouse floor markings play a crucial role in the daily workflow, which is why it is important to bring in a trusted expert that has years of experience with warehouse floor striping techniques. Painters Inc. has worked in everything from factories to distribution centers, providing our floor marketing services in high traffic areas where heavy equipment poses risks that can be abated with line painting. We’re the contractor that knows the latest techniques and has knowledge of the proper paint and materials that can be used to great effect.

Floor marking using yellow paints in warehouse

Warehouse line painting should be able to stand up to foot traffic, but it also needs to withstand forklift traffic and other heavy machinery. Warehouse floor striping not only clearly defines aisles and lanes, but painting in facilities like these also defines clearances and where emergency equipment is located. When you partner with Painters Inc., you can rest assured that we have the information needed about safety and various OSHA regulations regarding floor markings and striping, as well as safety requirements regarding personal protective equipment.

Top floor striping services:

  • Aisle marking
  • Shipping and receiving zone marking
  • Product staging lanes
  • Re-striping & repainting
  • Safety walkways
  • Safety signs
  • Operational signs
  • Bollard, barrier, and guardrail installation
  • Rack guard installation

If you’re looking to bring more order to your facility, whether it is a factory, warehouse or distribution center, Painters Inc. is the contractor you need. Contact us and let’s schedule an estimate.

Retail center floor markings and line striping

Retail centers, generally defined as a facility that has a floor area of 30,000 feet or more and has at least 80 percent of the floor dedicated to retail use, have floor markings for a variety of reasons, but almost all of them provide information regarding hazards, emergency equipment, traffic flow, aisle definition and public safety risks. When line striping is effectively utilized, retail centers are safer and more efficient.

store interior floor painting

At Painters Inc., we have worked with many retail centers in the Chicago area to apply line striping to floors of a variety of surface types. We work with clients to tackle the projects during a time that is most convenient to them, which limits disruption and downtime.

Concrete floor paint lines in your facility

Many facility managers will take a short cut and use tape on concrete floors. The truth is that adhesive-backed products don’t have the durability to last, especially in high traffic areas. While they are a suitable short-term solution, partnering with a quality painting contractor with experience with floor marking paints is the long-term solution.

Whether you’re replacing adhesive-backed floor markings or refreshing your current concrete line paint, having a painting contractor assist with planning the colors, widths and proper text for clearer direction and to follow OSHA guidelines is the preferred method. Not only can a painting contractor offer guidance during the planning phase, but they also utilize their knowledge of the latest tools of the trade and of the latest painting products on the market, which ensures long-lasting results.

Concrete floor marking using yellow paints in warehouse

Today’s floor line paint from high-quality manufacturers is a high-performance coating that offers a prolonged life cycle and will stand up to heavy traffic as well as toxic substances commonly found in warehouses and factories. Factory floors are prone to a buildup of grime and debris and require frequent washing, which floor line paint is also designed to withstand. Furthermore, the colors coming from quality paint manufacturers are a perfect match to OSHA’s line paint regulations.

At Painters Inc., we use the latest, most durable paint created especially for concrete floors. We have also perfected the techniques that allow us to quickly, but efficiently apply the paint. Our customers give us rave reviews, not only for our performance while on the jobsite, but also for the lasting results.

Floor marking paint methods

To ensure that the paint we apply to floors will look great, fit OSHA guidelines and last a long time, Painters Inc. uses specific methods for applying the paint. In some situations, we will use spraying equipment to apply the paint, while in other situations, using manual methods that include rollers and brushes, is the most appropriate approach.

The goal at Painters Inc. is to get the job done as fast as possible so our clients are not experiencing much downtime.

We’re also focused on quality results, which is crucial in these environments where floor line painting provides critical risk avoidance that keeps employees from being injured, but also improves productivity. Therefore, our method includes cleaning surfaces before they’re painted, and applying a clear coat or epoxy resin so the paint adheres more effectively. In some situations, we use a concrete roughing technique that is also necessary for proper paint adhesion.

The most cost-effective and quality painting methods include the following:

  • Direct paint application

    Following the application of a clear coat onto the surface, paint is either sprayed or applied manually via brush or roller to the floor.
  • Embedded marking system

    After creating a channel in the floor, which involves removing around an eighth of an inch of material at a width of around four inches (depending on the type of line), the channel is painted and then filled with an epoxy that protects the paint and levels the channel with the existing flooring. This is among the most durable methods of floor painting and lasts the longest, by some accounts up to 20 times longer than direct paint application methods.

Painters Inc. will assist you in determining which method will be the best fit for your facility. As a customer-centric contractor, we pride ourselves on our communication skills and ability to work with our customers to do what is best for their budget, the safety of their employees and the efficiency of their workflow.

Floor marking regulations and industry standards

If you’re familiar with 5S standards, you know that it is a systematic form of visual management that includes the utilization of floor markings. The 5S standards focus on cleanliness and organization, but they are also in place to establish maximum efficiency profit. Finally, and probably most importantly, 5S standards keep people safe.

Store floor painting

Floor marking regulations clearly identify aisleways and exit paths, helping to keep pedestrians and forklift operators safe and surrounding infrastructure from being damaged. Floor marking standards are also in place to provide quick egress guidance during emergencies. At Painters Inc., we’re highly educated on all the regulations regarding OSHA and 5S standards.

OSHA floor marking standards

Given the fact that the modern workplace, particularly facilities where heavy equipment is involved, is full of risk factors, OSHA has developed a guide for business owners to follow that can protect everyone within the facility. And while business owners can be fined for not following OSHA’s floor marking guidelines, the real risk is personal injury.

When trucks, forklifts and other moving devices are present, floor markings offer a clear cue as to where a worker should be or not be while in the facility. According to OSHA, floor marking lines must be at least two inches wide to ensure maximum visibility. Aisles should be at least four feet wide or at least three feet wider than the largest piece of equipment that is used in the aisle.

OSHA’s standards also follow color coordination. For example, red is used to identify fire-related hazards, but can also identify fire protection equipment and containers, emergency switches, bars and buttons on hazardous machines. Yellow is used to signal caution and physical hazards, such as trip hazards, stumbling, falling or getting caught between something.

Standard floor markings:

  • Forklift lanes and safe pedestrian walkways
  • Crosswalks
  • Electrical areas and energized equipment boundaries
  • Loading docks
  • Generally restricted areas
  • "Do not block" zones
  • Emergency exit route marking

At Painters Inc., we’re fully trained on the latest OSHA standards and have applied them to jobs in a number of facilities, including warehouses, factories and distribution centers.

5S & LEAN floor marking requirements

Sort, set in order, shine, standardize, sustain: The “5S program” is designed to help facility operators/managers work more efficiently and more securely. Floor markings definitely fall into the 5S program, providing visual indicators for improved traffic flow, product placement and much, much more. Many companies have adopted the 5S program and focus on floor markings.

From floor markings to simple geometric shapes, bringing in a qualified painting contractor to handle these technical details is the only way to ensure your facility is correctly following the 5S requirements.

The detailed painting/floor marking reduces the risk of hazards, as well as serve as visual reminders that ease confusion and ensure employees are working more effectively.

At Painters Inc., we utilize floor marking tactics that help our clients stay organized, standardize traffic, meet OSHA requirements and keep their employees safe. This is only possible with expert painting techniques that ensure the visibility of the markings and that they last for a long time. Whether it’s lines for easing traffic flow or text, shapes and symbols, Painters Inc. knows how to facilitate floor markings for safety and efficiency in the workplace.

Common 5S and LEAN floor markings:

  • Workspace boundaries and color coding
  • 5S red tag areas
  • Workflow process zone marking
  • "Home location" marking for bins, carts, vehicles
  • Instructions and messages

Repaint your safety stations and high traffic areas

High traffic areas are usually the first to fail, as the paint is subjected to wear and tear far more severe than in other areas, and when floor striping and other painting features become worn, there can be some safety hazards involved.

store interior floor painting

By using the right paint, a good painting contractor will also have the skills to apply the durable paint in a way that will ensure its longevity. This might include thoroughly cleaning surfaces before paint is applied and using multiple coats for extra durability.

Safety equipment painting is also a high priority in factories where rules and regulations dictate specific colors and visibility parameters. From bollards to fire extinguisher mounting areas, showering stations to eye flushing stations – they all require specific painting services, and that’s what Painters Inc. brings to every job.

We specialize in making sure the following and more are properly painted:

  • Bollards
  • Railings
  • Rack guards
  • Floor striping
  • Barriers
  • Doors and doorframes
  • Bay doors
  • Curbs
  • Speed bumps
  • Walls
  • Energized equipment
  • Stairways
  • Storage tanks
  • and more

Get started with professional floor striping company in the Chicago area

For more than 20 years, Painters Inc. has served the Chicago area with professional, highly-rated painting services. We’re painting experts with plenty of knowledge about floor-striping. We have taken on small and large, simple and complex, and we’ve done our share of floor striping – enough to make us a go-to contractor for this type of work.

commercial warehouse interior office painting bloomingdale

When you partner with Painters Inc., you get a team of full-time painters – not subcontractors – who are committed to excellence. We bring complete respect for the jobsite, are careful to cause as little disruption as possible and leave the facility cleaner than when we arrived.

If you’ve had floor striping that didn’t hold up long after it was completed, you’ll have a completely different experience with Painters Inc. We use the right tools for the job, including the industry’s best paints, and have the expertise necessary for gaining long-lasting striping that will hold up, even under heavy traffic.

Painters Inc. succeeds because we’re committed to the finest details and we’re excellent communicators. When we sign on for a job, we make sure all the details are discussed so nothing is missed. Furthermore, we keep our clients in the know by offering frequent updates to ensure they’re happy and that the work is being completed to their satisfaction.

Contact us and let’s discuss your project and how we can complete it on time and on budget.

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