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Structural Steel Painting & Coating

Protective structural steel painting and coating in the Chicago area

Commercial buildings use a lot of structural steel, as do large structures, such as high-rise buildings, warehouses and towers of all kinds. Structural steel painting is a requirement, as steel needs a protective layer that can ward off rust and corrosion. Structural steel coatings are usually high-quality paints that are formulated to work well with steel, which is what we use at Painters Inc. for our clients with structural steel in or around their facilities.

While moisture due to humidity and precipitation is the biggest enemy of steel, chemicals can also damage these structures. It’s important to paint steel as soon as it is installed and to keep up with the maintenance and repainting of the steel, because left unprotected, rust will begin to take over.

At Painters Inc., we’ve painted structural steel on everything from warehouses, fire escapes, to high-rise steel structures. We know that protective structural steel painting offers a host of advantages and we’re here to help our customers keep their facilities looking great and well protected for a long time to come.

The longevity of structural steel structures

Steel I-beams protected from the elements will last for well over a century. However, most structural steel will be exposed to heat and cold, ice and snow, hail and rain, which will impact the life of the structure, especially if it isn’t protected. Cost effective and fire resistant, structural steel is a popular material in most modern construction, but the longevity of it all depends on how it is maintained. At Painters Inc., we know structural steel coating methods work to keep our clients’ structures intact for decade after decade.

steel beams painting

Corrosion is the reason most structural steel facilities fail. When corrosion is allowed to go on for years and years, the steel begins to pit and the steel begins to rust and flake away. At Painters Inc., we are a structural steel painting contractor and we know the best way to keep this from happening is to paint over exposed structural steel. Our clients’ buildings and other structures made with steel last longer because we know how to properly prepare and paint steel. Furthermore, we’re up to date on all the painting products that make the job easier and the paint last longer.

At Painters Inc., our experienced craftsmen can coat numerous steel materials, including:

  • Wrought iron
  • Cast iron
  • Galvanized steel
  • Aluminum
  • And much more

Structural steel preservation from corrosion and rust damages

Corrosion-resistant paint for steel structures is specially formulated to protect steel. At Painters Inc., we know the best brands that make this type of paint and use it on all of our projects where steel is present. Furthermore, we know that if steel isn’t painted correctly, it isn’t properly protected and can fall victim to corrosion. Whether it’s salt, chemicals or water, they will work their way into the steel that hasn’t been painted correctly, causing corrosion.

As structural steel painting experts, Painters Inc., has taken on many diverse projects and we have perfected the process of adding that layer of protection. When we finish a project, it not only looks outstanding, but it is also protected. We know that simply tossing any old paint on the structures isn’t going to cut it, which is why we employ a team of experts with a vast knowledge of all the different types of paint on the market today, as well as the knowledge to use the painting tools that work best on structural steel.

Some projects we’ve taken on are structures that have already begun to corrode. This type of damaged surface should not be painted over. So, to remedy the problem, we utilize an abrasive blasting technique that cuts through all the rust and leaves behind a smooth and clean surface that is ready for coats of primer and paint.

vapor abrasive blasting

Structural steel painting services to keep your surfaces in top-condition

Structural steel painting takes a professional’s touch to get it done right, which is why when you are in need of structural steel painting services, you should contact Painters Inc. We’re the painting contractor that knows how to keep your steel surfaces in great condition. We know that it is important to paint the structural steel that is exposed to the elements, as well as those surfaces that are out of sight, but still need a protective coating.

Commercial and industrial businesses have a multiple areas that require structural steel painting, including the following:

  • Railings
  • Fire escapes
  • Stairways
  • Light poles
  • Structural supports
  • Retail shelving and displays
  • Water towers
  • Bar-joist ceilings (warehouse ceilings)
  • Window frames and lintels
  • Metal door frames
  • Pipes, tanks and silos
  • High-rise steel structures
  • Interior and exterior columns
  • Bollards
  • Fire doors
  • And much more

When you partner with Painters Inc., you get a contractor that will help extend the life of your steel facilities and other structures. From canopies to storage tanks, beams to girders, joists to catwalks and staircases, we’ve worked on every type of structural steel and know how to approach your project. Our team of experts will rid your steel of corrosion, remove old paint and grime so when the paint goes on, it adheres properly and looks great.

Painters Inc. has a unique approach to safety, as we offer ongoing safety training to our employees so they and everyone around them remains safe on the jobsite. We respect the job sites we work on and provide customer-centric services that make us a go-to painting contractor capable of handling any type of structural steel project.

Painting and coating of large steel structures

Looking for a structural steel painter you can count on? Painters Inc. is the contractor to call on, because we know all about the painting and coating of large steel structures. From power plants to chemical facilities, steel is used in many types of structures and it must be protected or it will not last. From painting beams between walls to painting beams on ceilings, we know the right approach to every scenario.

steel bridge beams painting

Painters Inc. also has experience painting bridges and has become a go-to painting contractor in the Chicago area. Structural steel is known for its strength, which is why it is used in so many buildings, but it will only stay strong when protected with paint. Towers, whether they are water towers or cellular towers, are also commonly made of steel, which is why these too must be painted and repainted every five or so years. When contractors use low quality paint, the structures must be repainted more often, which is why it pays to work with a contractor that uses only the best products.

Highest quality paints for structural steel painting

Structural steel paints are not like others paints; they are made with ingredients that help protect steel. The paints quality contractors use on structural steel are built to adhere to metal, which doesn’t have the same porous surface that other non-metal surfaces have. Other types of paint don't need to be made to adhere so tightly, because the surfaces they are applied to are more porous than metal and adhere easier.

choosing the best paint

Corrosion resistant paint for steel structures adds the extra protection that steel needs to remain free of rust. Another perk in using paint made for steel is that it also contains ingredients that make it resistant to fire. Fireproof paint for steel might not be a huge concern for every commercial property owner, but it can be a bonus for facilities where the threat of fire is an everyday occurance.

Finally, the best primer for structural steel is going to be one that adheres to the metal while providing a crucial bonding layer for the paint that will be applied on top of it. These primers often feature galvanizing properties.

Oil-based paints for outdoor metal painting

While oil-based paints can fade over time, it’s still a great choice for its protective qualities alone. Oil-based paint dries slower than other types of paint, so when a project calls for multiple layers, contractors need to make sure there is plenty of time worked into the schedule for drying between coats. Oil-based paints are also chosen for their ability to smooth out a surface, so if you are painting on uneven surfaces, the outcome with oil will be far more pleasant than other paints.

Painters Inc. uses only the best paint in our projects, including Sherwin-Williams Pro Industrial Urethane Alkyd Enamel paints and Kem Bond HS metal primer.

Epoxy paints for steel structure

Epoxy-based paints for steel structure projects are chosen for their adhesion abilities on metal, as well as to reduce risks of damage due to chemical exposure. Epoxy paints are made to mitigate oxidation, chemical reactions, control moisture and ultraviolet light exposure, which can cause colors to fade and the paint to break down.

Painters Inc. often uses an epoxy paint from Sherwin-Williams called Acrolon 218 HS and Macropoxy® 646 Fast Cure epoxy primer finish.

Water-based paints for indoor metal painting

On surfaces that might need to be cleaned from time to time, you’ll want to use a water-based paint for metal, as this is far easier to clean than oil-based paints. One of the benefits of using water-based paint is that it dries quickly, which can cut down on labor costs. Odorless and non-flammable, water-based paints are also eco-friendly and emit fewer fumes than other types of paint. They are a good match for steel, as they are often mixed with vinyl or acrylics.

Painters Inc. uses a water-based paint from Sherwin-Williams called Sher-Cryl HPA and Pro Industrial Pro-Cryl Universal Acrylic primer.

The process for painting and coating structural steel

There is a process to structural painting on metal surfaces that quality painting contractors are quite familiar with. It all begins with the right kind of preparation. Quality contractors never take shortcuts, which is easy to do when there is prep work involved, but at Painters Inc., we know that in order for our structural steel painters to get the job done right, they must thoroughly prep all surfaces prior to painting.

steel structure spray painting

STEP 1: Structural steel surface preparation

Despite the fact that structural steel is known for its sturdiness and ability to hold tons and tons of weight, it’s a vulnerable surface that requires protection. That’s why the first step in painting these surfaces is to prepare them for painting. First, Painters Inc. will place drop cloths in areas that need to be protected, which could include equipment, landscaping, sidewalks or floors. With all areas protected, we can then prepare for cleaning the surfaces, which can involve anything from abrasive blasting to wiping down surfaces with a cloth.

Wet abrasive blasting

It’s not uncommon for Painters Inc. crews to encounter corrosion. There is often loose paint in these areas that need to be addressed, but it can also be rust and mill scale, which requires an abrasive blasting application to remove.

Painters Inc. has used blasting applications for years and we have a variety of techniques and processes we use depending on the severity of the corrosion. Once removed, the surfaces are fairly even and ready for the next step, which could be a primer, paint or a coating.

When significant corrosion has occurred, the first step in refurbishing structural steel beams and other steel surfaces is usually abrasive blasting.

Power grinding, sanding and scraping

Another common situation for Painters Inc. to encounter is less serious cases where the surfaces need to be sanded, scraped or ground down. In these cases, we don’t need something as powerful as an abrasive blaster. Rather, we use hand tools to get rid of light rust and other debris, such as peeling paint. We often begin with a power washer, as this will knock off a large percentage of the debris and allow us to use hand tools to get the rest off the surface without fear of pushing it deeper into the steel and causing adhesion problems later.


Once the debris is removed the surfaces will need to be thoroughly cleaned. While some areas can be cleaned of any remaining dust or particles via soap and water and a rag or light brush, we can cover larger areas with our power washer. In some cases, we’ll employ a chemical cleaning solvent that can eat away at stubborn grime, but without harming the metal surface.

STEP 2: Structural steel surface priming

In most structural steel painting projects, the second major step following the cleaning process is priming the surface. Painters Inc. uses a high-quality primer that is made for applying to structural steel. The primer acts as a binding layer, which makes it easier for the paint to adhere.

Different primers can be used for different situations. The professionals at Painters Inc. know exactly which primer will work on your surfaces so there is no guesswork – only exceptional results.

STEP 3: Structural steel surface painting

As we move into the painting phase of the project, this third and most crucial step, Painters Inc. will only use paint that will provide the best results. We have a variety of products from which to choose, generally from Sherwin-Williams and Benjamin Moore, but we will select the paint based on the environmental situation and the condition and placement of the structural steel we’re painting. We’ll use as many coats as is required and allow for the right drying time between coats. The end result is a smooth, even finish that looks great and lasts a long time.

Painters Inc. painting professionals are bonafide experts in painting structural steel. But we are also experienced in preparing/cleaning steel surfaces and priming them. If you’re looking for a contractor you can trust, look no further than Painters Inc.

Choose Painters Inc. for your structural steel painting in the Chicago area

From gantries to cranes, towers to high-rise buildings, Painters Inc. has painted structural steel in just about every conceivable commercial scenario. Our painting crews are highly experienced structural steel painting experts and we can handle your project, regardless of the size or scope of it.

As a go-to structural steel painting contractor, our depth of knowledge has made us stand out among the other contractors, earning us commissions for a variety of commercial projects. Furthermore, we’re always striving to exceed expectations, which is not something all contractors are willing to do. This customer-centric way of running our business speaks volumes about our accountability, trustworthiness and ability to get the job done on time and on budget.

At Painters Inc., we continue to execute successful projects after successful projects by taking the preparation process seriously. We bring the best equipment/tools to the job, whether it’s a pressure washer or abrasion blaster, to ensure that all surfaces are ready for primer and paint.

We go through a detailed inspection following each phase of the project to ensure we’re ready to move onto the next phase. It’s this attention to detail, leaving no stone unturned, that has our customers singing our praises. We are competitively priced, yet offer premium services. We’re also committed to excellence, so contact us and schedule your site visit today.

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We conduct every project with a commitment to good workmanship and use only the best products to ensure the highest quality in craftsmanship and customer satisfaction.

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We offer flexibility in scheduling and guarantee completing a job within the proposed timeline to save you stress and money.

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We take our role seriously and strictly adhere to industry safety standards on each and every job. All team members are OSHA safety practice and procedures trained, and all employees attend mandatory weekly safety meetings.

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From precise finish work to maintaining a clean, respectful work space, our eye is on the details.

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Our standards and services are always efficient and safety conscious, and to avoid disruption to your business operations, we’re able to work nights and weekends.

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We only use top-of-the-line paint coatings and colors from Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore.

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