You Can Have Your Retail or Commercial Office Building Painted As the Holiday Season Nears

paint your retail office commercial building interior

The season has come in Chicago to do all the interior painting jobs you may have been putting off throughout the year. With the holidays quickly approaching, it can seem like a daunting task to take care of the interior of your space without affecting your sales or your visitors’ experience.

To have your retail or commercial office building painted as the holiday season nears, you will need planning and preparation. With these helpful tips, you can easily paint before and throughout the holiday season and still give your visitors a great experience.

Have Proper Signage Before and During the Painting Project

It is best to start notifying your visitors about impending interior painting or other building updates before the actual work begins. By posting clear signage throughout your store or offices, you can avoid inconveniencing your patrons or tenants and their clients. Additionally, adequate notice gives people time to adjust their plans if they know your painting project will be a problem for them.

Choose the Right Paint

When you have your retail or commercial office building painted, you can also properly prepare by ensuring that your paint is safe to be used indoors. We work with paints with low or no VOC to ensure the safety and health of your visitors throughout the painting process.

Choose an Experienced Commercial Painting Contractor

The contractor you choose for your project can have a significant impact on your customers’ comfort and happiness during the project. When you have your retail or commercial office building painted, a reputable, professional contractor will make sure the areas being painted remain as quiet and as cared for as possible. We make sure that we clean as we go, and we keep your patrons in mind as the highest priority throughout the entirety of the job. All tools and other equipment are kept out of the way of your visitors.

Carefully Choose Painting Times

When you have your retail or commercial office building painted, you can avoid problems by painting during off-hours, when the business is closed. If that’s not possible, you can have the painting project worked on during business hours, but with carefully chosen painting times.

For example, if you know your building or shop has peak hours during lunch and dinner, you can schedule your painters for between those times to minimize the contact between your visitors and the work crew that will be painting your building. You can also focus on picking areas that are low traffic during work hours to help avoid too much conflict with your customers.

Communicate with Your Staff

Prepare your staff by communicating the details of the painting project with them. By making your staff aware of how they can properly assist visitors, you can avoid conflicts and improve their experience. Make sure your staff knows how to properly assist your customers by getting them items they want, showing them through the construction areas of the store, and generally being ready to answer their questions.

When you have your retail or commercial office building painted during the holiday season, involve your staff in the process so they know how to best accommodate visitors. Let all parties know that the inconvenience is a temporary one and that the result is going to be a beautiful, newly painted interior to benefit all who occupy it.

 If you’ve wondered if it’s possible to paint your retail or commercial office building right before and even during the holiday season, you now know that it is possible. With some planning and preparation, you can have your building's interior repainted, with minimal disruption to guests and visitors. The sooner your interior painting project gets started, the better chance you’ll have that it’ll be done for all your visitors to enjoy during the holidays.