The Best Colors for Your Office Space in 2020

One of the best paint colors for your office space in 2020 is off-white.

Stark white offices have long been the standard for corporate and commercial environments. However, bright white is now thought to cause workers to be less productive and, some believe, produce lower quality work.

An easy way to motivate your employees and help them to be more productive is changing the environment in which they work. Understanding how colors make people feel can help you discern which colors can make your office environment the best for your employees. Here are some of the best office paint colors to choose from and the effect they will have on your employees.



While bright white can be unsettling, that doesn’t mean you should disregard neutrals entirely. An off-white or eggshell color can still be great for your office space. Off-white paint colors are warm enough that they can maintain a comforting environment for your employees but are also neutral enough that they won’t distract them. A neutral off-white can also function as a great backdrop for any office decor you want to use to spruce up your office space.

Off white offices



If you would still like to stay with neutral colors for your office, but feel you need to stray away from whites, gray is a great option for your office. Gray is associated with strength and protection, and it can be used for an office where employees want to feel like they’re in control. If you are planning on using gray, stick with a lighter gray. If your color is too dark, it can make your employees feel less motivated and negative.

Gray offices

Credit: Quest Work Spaces



You may be hesitant to introduce a non-neutral color into an office space, but if you want to move away from neutral office colors, blue is a relatively safe option. Shades of blue can remind people of serenity and sophistication, and blues can also help stimulate creativity. If you are planning to use blue, be mindful of the shade you choose. Darker, warmer blues can feel comforting and inviting. Avoid using royal or bright blues, as they can be too harsh or feel unwelcoming.

Blue offices



Green reminds us of nature and peace, which is why it can be a great color to choose if you are involved in a high-stress industry. Soft greens will help maintain a feeling of calmness. Additionally, green is thought to minimize eye fatigue, so it’s great for offices where employees tend to work long hours.

Green offices



Pale yellow for your entire room, or bright yellow on certain accent walls or spaces, can help your employees maintain an optimistic outlook. Yellow brings forth sunny and positive thoughts, meaning it can help your employees stay content throughout the day. It is also a very creative color and can work well in offices of companies in creative industries.

Yellow offices

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Does your office building’s interior need a fresh coat of paint to help your employees stay motivated, focused, and comfortable? Our color specialists will work with you to give your employees the best wall color for their work environment. Contact Painters Inc. for an office color consultation and your free estimate!